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Spring Semester At UMass As Told By Beyonce

It is finally spring semester on campus. After a long winter break, you probably are looking forward to the next few months filled with longer days and progressively warmer weather. Already over a month into the semester, you probably also have endured various experiences that are somewhat different to the ones you had fall semester. What better way to reflect and introduce what you may have encountered and might encounter during spring semester than with the help of Queen Bey?

 The university cancels school because of the snowstorms…so when was the last time we had Monday classes?

Speaking of snow, you may have already given up on trying to dress cute for classes. 

When trying to get back in the groove of classes, you may accidentally mix up the rooms your classes are in.

And then here come the college tours…you may be late to class because of the groups standing in your way in the dining common and the campus center.

The cold weather can make you more aggressive when getting a spot on the bus. You are more than willing to take a person down just to get on the 31 bus back to your house.

And you all know that feeling when the bus is crowded and you have to stand with nothing to hold on to

How can we also forget that time during the semester where the wind tunnel by the Du Bois library is so brutal? The one day you plan to wear a dress, you might immediately regret your decision. 

One of the most memorable parts of spring semester: when you see the grass for the first time in months. You could not be happier… 

…and then this makes you realize there are only a couple of months left for the academic year. 

Which means finals week is around the bend…cue the insanity

But you get through it all and before you know it spring semester is over. 

Hope that your spring semester is flawless, Collegiettes!

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