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Some of My Favorite Study Spots as a Senior at UMass

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

One of my favorite things that the pandemic took away from me was the ability to work and study in public. I spent a lot of time just studying and working out of my room for a good chunk of the last two years. So, I for one am very excited to be able to revisit some of my favorite study spots on and off campus and experience them for possibly the last few times as a senior.

W.E.B. Du bois Library

I know the library is an obvious choice, but honestly is one of the best places to get any work done. It also caters to every type of studying mood one might have. The basement in the library is a great spot to study, especially with a group of people. The soundproof study pods you can reserve are so handy when you need a quiet place to study, prepare for a presentation, or even get some group work done. If you enjoy complete silence while you work, try the quiet study floors! Need another reason to do work at the library — Procrastination Station! Fuel your body with some coffee and food while you try to finish that assignment or cram for an exam.

Science and Engineering Library

This one is for all my STEM folks! I have never heard anyone talk about the Engineering Library as a study spot, but I think people are missing out. The building and furniture are a bit dated, however, I love the energy in the building. If you are anything like me and sometimes need to see other people doing work to be productive, this is the place to be. A lot of groups come here to study, but it’s still great to get some work done alone. 

South College

I fell in love with South College as a freshman when I took a literature class in the building. I would work there in between classes, and it quickly became my favorite place to study. They have huge study spaces with really comfy chairs that I adore. It is also super quiet there, making it the perfect spot to get some work done alone. I really love introducing this place to anyone I meet!

The Works Café

Want to switch it up with a study spot off campus? Try The Works Café in downtown Amherst! This cozy little spot has an extensive menu to enjoy as you try to get some work done. In my opinion, their mac & cheese, paninis, and coffee are a must try, especially as we move into colder and wetter months.

Honorable Mentions
  • Design Building
  • Share Coffee Amherst
  • Student Union
  • Physical Sciences Building (1st and 2nd Floor)

I hope you find a safe space and productive place to study, even if they aren’t the ones that I love. All the best for the fall semester, and happy studying!

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Anushka Myndapanda

U Mass Amherst '23

Anushka is currently a senior and majoring in Mathematics and Psychology. She loves to spend time with family and friends, reading books, staying active, and is passionate about climate change and sustainability.