So What Was the Scotland Referendum?

Last week, everyone was talking about the Scottish referendum. Why? Because on the 18th of September Scotland voted on whether to become independent from the United Kingdom or not. And while it’s not happening in our country, we still need to know.

What?Scotland voted no to become an independent country from the rest of Great Britain. “No” won with 55.3% of vote against the independence and the UK had an unusual high turn out to vote with over 84%.

Why?Scotland wished to go independent because they believe it “would be richer” separate from England. In other words, they could choose where to put their resources and taxes.

What Would Have Changed?Well, if the yes vote went through, there would have been a lot of changes. While the idea of being richer and free is some of the pros, some of the potential problems included that Scotland would have to petition to join the EU, they couldn’t be on the pound, and a lot of talk about passport and flag changes.

So What?This was a big deal for Scotland, especially since the vote was so close. It also means that England is wiping their brows because this means Scotland won't be voting for independence anytime soon. Both campaigns agreed on that.