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Let’s rewind this a bit, shall we?

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It’s Christmas day, I get my Covid test back and it turns out, I am positive. I can’t taste or smell. I’ve cried and had mental breakdowns 1000 times and I generally feel like s***. For me, there’s nothing a good romance book, show or movie can’t do to lighten up the mood, so I log in to Netflix.

And that’s when it started, that’s when my love for period dramas begun. You know a show is good when that’s all you think about, when you prefer watching it yourself so you fully grasp what’s going on, when you rewind constantly to immense yourself in the art; when it makes you forget some things you might be going through. And that’s what Bridgerton did for me.

Yes, I watched the whole season in a day. And re-watched it the next.

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Photo by John-Mark Smith from Pexels
Now, of course I was excited to hear that it was going to be renewed for season 2 and I was very excited to see what the plot would be and OF COURSE I was heartbroken and confused when I heard Regé was not going to be part of season 2, but what even made me more confused was when most people kept saying ‘haha, he’s the only reason I watched it anyway’.

I tried to think and remember what my reason for watching it was and yes, I am one of the many who Regé lured to watch it, but it turned out it was more than just him. There was so much more to Bridgerton than the handsome black man that stole almost everyone’s hearts.

What made me fall in love with Bridgerton? Maybe it was the crazy details in all the costumes, the set designs, the different stories all being told at once or even the British accents. All these and more were part of the experience I got after watching it. Yes, Regé might have been a HUGE part of the experience AT FIRST, but later on I think we all need to agree it was much much more than that.

scene from Bridgerton on Netflix
Shondaland / Netflix

Now, some of you might be reading this clowning me because we both know he was more than a huge reason, but IF YOU DECIDE TO NOT WATCH SEASON 2 AND IT DOESN’T GET RENEWED FOR SEASON 3 I will have to catch a case with you.

…..Just watch season 2. I know it’ll be good. He told me himself.


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