Anna Schultz-

So, I Bought a Flannel, Now What?

Raise your hand if you have ever bought a flannel. Now, raise it if you still have a flannel, or have a concerning accumulation of them and have no idea how to make them interesting anymore. Having been the honorary president of both clubs, I have come to realize that it’s time to revolutionize our favorite chilly season companion. Whether it is through fun knots, cute cuts, or unconventional styling, here are a few ways to spice up your flannels this fall.

  1. 1. The Good Ol' Flannel Dress

    Personally, I have been looking for a way to transform my oversized flannel into a flannel dress. They are so comfortable, cute, and versatile. Pairing a darker flannel dress with a black belt can give you a more upscale—maybe even gothic look—that is ideal for a Halloween soirée. On the other hand, styling a lighter, looser flannel with some thigh-highs can give you a cozy, cute look that works great for a coffee date or apple picking. If you don’t own a flannel dress, there are plenty of quick tutorials on YouTube that can help you reutilize the fall staple.

  2. 2. Off the Shoulder, Cropped

    Who said crop tops are for summer? There are a few ways to style this crop top. I attached two looks, one of which can be done with a simple unbuttoning of the shirt and tying loose bottom ends, and the second of which requires a little scissor work. Having tried the second option, I can definitely say that it’s worth it!

  3. 3. Wear it Over a Snug Hoodie or Jacket

    While this is definitely more of an outdoorsy, bonfire-appropriate way to style your flannel, it is definitely one of my favorites. You can play with this look in a number of ways, such as giving yourself a more causal vibe by pairing it with a beanie, boots, and either jeans or sweats. Conversely, you could make it more feminine by wearing a turtleneck shirt instead of a hoodie and some loose jeans or leggings, maybe including some jewelry.

  4. 4. Skirt it Up!

    This idea is probably more for the brave of heart. I thought this was a very fun DIY option, especially with the rainy days and the increased isolation we are all dealing with this season. It’s perfect for those of us who hate spending money on clothes, or who have extra time on our hands due to this stay-at-home situation. You can even make a matching top, if you’d like! Here is a link to a tutorial for how to transform your flannel (6:29), but you are obviously welcome to find your own tutorial—or just wing it. 

There are plenty of other ways to wear a flannel, of course, starting with the typical flannel and leggings and going all the way to transforming your flannel into something completely different. The choices above are just the ones that I personally have either tried before, or decided were the most universal and practical. Hopefully this list was helpful and inspiring—happy flanneling!