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Skeptical to a Believer: My Experience at a Psychic

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

I’ve always considered myself a spiritual person, but if I’m being honest, I’ve always had reservations about how real psychic readings are. I definitely believed in them to some extent, but really, how accurate could they truly be? With that being said, I went to a psychic for the first time recently, and it completely changed my perspective on the whole field.

My mom, aunt, and I first went to a local psychic reading place near my hometown last month, but I was in a rush to get to work, so I only did a 15-minute tarot card reading. They always say that you should let them know if you don’t connect with the psychic you originally go with. This seems like it would be uncomfortable to tell them, but now having been, this is extremely important. During this first reading, I didn’t feel like I connected super well with the psychic, leading to what was honestly not the best reading (and not at the fault of the psychic — everyone connects with different people). It’s worth the awkwardness of asking for a new person than going through with a surface-level reading.

After this, we all decided that the next time I was home, we would go back and get our own readings. My brother ended up coming too, even though he was way more skeptical than I was. This time, I got a bunch of readings — past lives, tarot cards, tea leaves, and aura. Talk about splurging!

Right away, I felt like I connected a lot more with the person doing my readings this time around. She asked for my full name and birthday before starting, and right then it felt like she was really seeing me. While she set up her tarot cards and crystals, I started sipping on my tea for later. First, she did my past life reading, which was the most shocking to me. Without explaining every single detail she told me, I connected so much to all three of the lives she told me about. She knew nothing about me besides my name and birthday, yet there was some core aspect of me in every life she saw. I’m studying psychology and am going into the mental health field, and in one of my past lives, I was described as a counselor, someone who everyone came to talk with and who was a natural healer. It didn’t relate to my current life as much, but in this life, I lived on a boat in the Mediterranean doing trade, which honestly may explain my love for the water now.

In another life, I was a rich man who gave away his wealth to charities and found that that was what set my soul on fire — helping others. In another life, I was in the medical field, and while I wasn’t the best at communicating, I thrived in my profession and created some sort of invention in hearing. In comparison to my family’s readings, my past lives were all extremely calm, which seems fairly reminiscent of my personality now. All of my lives were also dedicated to helping people, which, as cheesy as it sounds, has always been my ultimate goal in life. After I told the psychic about my current job, my future career, and how I am studying abroad in the U.K. soon (where one of my lives took place), even she was shocked at how much all my lives correlated and was bummed that I didn’t record it — another thing I recommend doing if the psychic allows it!

I also did a tarot card reading with tea leaves, which focused on my current life and future. She hit the nail on the head with this one as well, and she talked a lot about exciting upcoming changes in my life. The tea leaves were also really cool — throughout the reading, I sipped on the tea and held the cup to infuse my energy into it. Then, the psychic used it to tell me more about my future, so I guess we’ll see how that plays out soon enough.

Lastly, I did an aura reading, which I was probably most excited about. My experience doing this reading proved to me the validity of it all even more. When I sat down to do the reading, I put my hand on the machine and the camera picked up the energy surrounding me and snapped a picture for the manual they print out for you to bring home. When the picture came up on the computer, the psychic said it didn’t feel right and wasn’t what she was seeing herself, so she wanted to shut down the computer and get all of the past energy out of the room. She also looked at the aura right before me, and as predicted, it was almost identical colors to what was just coming up. She said that she saw a lot of indigo and green for me, and what do you know — my real aura showed up indigo and green. There was a whole printout explaining what my aura colors and chakras meant, but overall, my aura was described as “calm, compassionate, nurturing, idealistic, and peaceful.” This was a different psychic than my previous readings, but she repeated a lot of the same information that I had just received, which both freaked me out but also reassured me of the whole process.

It’s hard to explain everything I was told and how it fits so well into my life, but I was truly shocked at how accurate everything seemed to be in all of my readings. I felt like the psychics were really reading deeply into who I am, which was a weird feeling that I had never experienced before, but it made me excited to go back again in the future. If you’re skeptical of psychics like I was, I highly recommend giving it a try!

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Elizabeth Tait

U Mass Amherst '24

Elizabeth is a senior editor and content writer at UMass Amherst, double majoring in psychology and sociology. In her free time, she loves reading, watching sunrises at the beach, making Spotify playlists, baking, and traveling.