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Should You Settle For An Unpaid Internship?

It’s the dreaded word: internship. In this day and age, having an internship is essentially the golden key that unlocks a future career path.

Real world experience is arguably more important than studying textbooks for hours on end, and often interns complete work comparable to entry-level jobs. So why are there so many unpaid internships out there? Shouldn’t we be compensated for our hard work?

The truth is, most middle and working-class students simply cannot afford to work for no pay.

When searching for an internship, it’s advisable to exhaust applying to all paying opportunities before turning to the unpaid ones. This might be common sense – who wouldn’t want to keep their pockets full while interning?

However, sometimes paid internships are impossible to find. But just because you might have to take an unpaid internship doesn’t necessarily mean you’re selling yourself short.

In some cases, unpaid internships will offer college credit, or are flexible enough to allow you to have a part-time job at the same time. It’s the best of both worlds: intern experience and some form of compensation!

In the end, any professional experience will help you climb the ladder towards future paid internships or even permanent jobs.

So, Collegiettes, keep your chins up, put your game faces on and be the fiercest interns you can be!

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Allison is a junior at the Univeristy of Massachusetts Amherst studying both Psychology and Communication. She enjoys reading, writing, running, sports, hanging with friends and going on adventures!
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