The SELF Journal: a Life Changing Investment

As college students, we all know that stress gets the best of us. We spread ourselves too thin between classes and extracurricular activities, and often times we forget to take time for ourselves to relax, recoup, and reflect on our goals. Recently I stumbled upon a triple threat- a journal that helps you focus on your goals, organize your tasks, and optimize your time in order to achieve the best results. Introducing: The SELF journal.

This journal was first given to me as a gift, and I cannot believe how much it has transformed my life already! As a college student, I’m in the midst of trying to juggle my classes, exams, clubs, and attempting to go to the gym, while also staying sane. The SELF journal is an amazing tool in order to think of your far-out goals as actual and tangible realities!

The SELF journal has been highly reviewed on websites such as The Huffington Post, Business Insider, and CNBC. It is truly changing people’s lives for the better! So how does this journal magically work you might ask? Read below to find out more!


Section 1:

The first section of the journal is a safe space for you to explore your different life goals, and how you plan to achieve them. The journal is designed to help you feel as though you are accomplishing something each day and chipping away at those goals, rather than just one big scary task. This first section makes you think deeper about these targets. There are sections for actions and tasks that you will take, your commitment to your goals, and how you believe your life will improve after achieving this goal. The final part of the first section asks you to write down 3 things to ensure that you will use your SELF journal to take action on your goals every day.

Section 2:

This section focuses on the weekly goals that you set for yourself and how you are going to work on achieving those bigger goals each week. The journal is divided into 13 weeks because it has been proven that 13 weeks is just long enough to accomplish something significant, but not long enough for you to procrastinate! This part of the journal is the perfect place to explore different activities, hobbies, or personal goals that will help you succeed, such as meditation, reading, writing, or exercising!


Section 3:

The 3rd section focuses on weekly goals, the nitty gritty of your life, where you often will get the most stressed. Personally, I use this space to plan out my days as much as possible- writing notes on the side to make sure that I am constantly motivating myself. The daily sections also have places to write what you’re grateful for (both in the morning and at night), your “lessons learned”, and your “wins” for the day (bragging space!). This part of the SELF journal has been critical in helping me organize my life, while reflecting on the good and the bad things that happen each day, and what I learn from these lessons.

The overall goal of the Best Self Co. (the company behind this amazing product) is to create products that provide everyday tools for people to use in order to live a life that they are proud of! Although I haven’t finished the journal yet, I can say with complete certainty that this journal has already begun to transform my life, and I will definitely be ordering another one after my 13 weeks are complete!

Linked below is the Best Self Co. website if you want to learn more!

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