Reasons to start watching Lucifer -- the unconventional yet oddly satisfying mystery show on Netflix

Lucifer just got renewed for the fifth and final season earlier this year. So far, it has really been picking up the pace and gaining more popularity. This article is for you guys who might not know what this show is... so here are the top reasons why you should make it your new binge watch!


It has an amazing female lead.

Chloe, the main detective in the show, spearheads most of the murder and homicide cases. We discover that she has been through a lot: being an actress in a popular TV show, then facing many challenges when she decided to shift her career into the crime and law enforcement realm, even having to deal with her ex-husband as her colleague. It’s fascinating to see her navigate the dangerous work with Lucifer as her partner while juggling her role as a mother in the show. In Season 2, Chloe encounters the man who killed her father, who was also a police officer. We see how she handles this professionally and effectively.

The main character (Lucifer) is surprisingly relatable.

On the outside, he is the handsome, ultra rich playboy, with never-ending riches, fame and money. On the inside, he’s insecure and struggles with his identity. Once you delve into the later episodes, Lucifer shows his vulnerable side -- how he resents his father for throwing him out of heaven and banishing him to rule Hell. He has never-ending fights with his brothers (super relatable) and arguments with his mother. Lucifer also tries to figure out the genuine love and care he feels for Chloe. This was a feeling that was new to him after trying to put behind the hatred for his father and the torture of ruling Hell.


It draws parallels between life and moral themes

The structure of the show is such that there is a new case for each episode. Each is tied to a greater narrative or message related to numerous moral dilemmas that Lucifer experiences. In one episode, for example, a case was tied to his stolen wings. This sends Lucifer into a frenzy before discovering that his brother, Amanediel, stole them in order to send him back to hell. We get lots of insight on how Lucifer deals with conflict, even with his own flesh and blood. 

The complex main character evolves over time.

Don’t judge a TV show by its title -- the way the story unfolds is not directly about heaven or hell. He comes off as aloof and conceited in the beginning but softens when he spends more time on Earth, even for the devil. However, he does have superpowers like the way an immortal has: the ability to teleport and be immune to bullets. My personal favorite is when he asks humans about “what it is that they truly desire” which is guaranteed to elicit a 100% honest response. He is after all, the devil. 


It’s pretty funny:

One of Lucifer’s charms is that he is quick-witted and always has a lighthearted air to everything. On a typical police case, it’s common for him to throw jabs at the suspected murderer or make sexual inuendos. This balances out the darkness of the show and is refreshing. Chloe has her own fair share of comebacks as well, most of the times, which leaves Lucifer speechless. This makes their relationship and chemistry extra special. 10/10 would recommend.


If you're into mystery, you should definitely check it out. If you're not, it is still a good TV show with a good mix of humor and fantasy to keep you entertained. Lucifer is not to be missed! 


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