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Rating Study Spots on Campus and in Town

We all know the absolute study aesthetic: a gorgeous, spacious place with all of your study things. Today, ladies and gentlemen, we will be looking into UMass Amherst and the town of Amherst’s greatest spots to study. They are so nice and relaxing, so please do take a look!

1. UMass Design Building

With its gorgeous architecture, most students absolutely love this place for assignments and studying. It has high ceilings and overall is super spacious. The pictures definitely do not do it justice, there is a place to work at every corner, including the mini rooftop on the third floor. The small rooftop is very cute with lots of sunlight, and reminds me of a small fairyland. There are fun chairs to use all around the building.

2. W.E.B Dubois Library

With its 26 floors, each floor has its own charm and beautiful view of campus and the pond! The floors considered to have the best views are floors 22 and 23, however floors 15 and 17 are equally as beautiful. The LL (lower level) floor provides printers, staplers, paper clips, and computers. It also opens to this beautiful outside area with tons of plants, statues, and tables to study or chill. It’s a personal favorite of mine. So if you’re not near the mini rooftop at the Design Building, this ground floor study garden is bigger in size and always relaxing.

3. Jones Library

The Jones Library is a public library with a variety of books, and it’s right in the center of town. I, for one, was very nostalgic when I first came here, as I hadn’t been inside a public library for a very long time. My first trip there was to actually pick up my library card, and it was super exciting. Not only that, but entering the place gave me historical 1800s vibes. They have collections for Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost. It’s the most historical public library I’ve ever been in. Safe to say it’s beyond amazing. The fiction section prior to 1900 has its own large room of bookshelves. On the corner, there are tables next to these beautiful large windows giving the view to Amherst Coffee & Bar. It was the perfect spot for studying.

4. Amherst Coffee & Bar

This is actually right across the street from the Jones Library. It has the best matcha, highly recommended. Aside from that, it of course isn’t too crowded, and has lots of booths. You can do whatever you want and have some great food at the same time!

5. Science & Engineering Library

So this is actually in the Lederle Graduate Tower on the second floor. It’s a cozy place with about three floors inside of it. There’s comfy solo couches to study on with tables. You don’t find that in W.E.B Dubois Library. Some solo sofas in between bookshelves have their own mini desk. There are private study rooms at the end of the room on the second floor, so be sure to check that out. The only downside to this library is that it closes at 5:30 p.m. on weekdays. But if you’re an early-bird studier and love to be cozy, this is for you.

6. Share Coffee Amherst

Share Coffee is right in the center of the town of Amherst. It’s usually not too crowded either. With its large windows giving way for lots of sunlight, it provides tons of space for solo studying or group studying.

These are all the places I have for you today! Check back in for part two, and Happy October!

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Sidrat Siddiqui

U Mass Amherst '22

Sidrat Siddiqui is a senior studying the world of Chemistry. When she isn't studying, you will find her drinking a cuppa matcha, sleeping for inordinate amounts of time, and spending late nights reading books.
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