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Rachel Green is Officially My Style Inspiration for 2018

With the rise of high-waisted jeans, plaid mini skirts, and an abundance of denim, it’s safe to say we can all look towards the iconic Rachel Green for style inspiration. Once an assistant buyer for Bloomingdale’s and later, a merchandising manager for Ralph Lauren, Rachel will be our sartorial guide for keeping us up-to-date in 2018.

Portrayed by Jennifer Anniston in the hit sitcom Friends, Rachel will always be one of our favorite fashion icons — luckily, her look is especially relevant right now. Let’s take a peek at some of her best ensembles. 

1. The Plaid Mini Skirt

Everyone should have a plaid mini skirt (or kilt!) to sport this classic look every once in a while. Paired with a long-sleeved mock-neck top and a messy up-do, Rachel looks hella cute! To cop this look, check out this Urban Outfitters A-Line Skirt.

2. This Sheer Black Dress

In Episode 13 of Season 4, Rachel develops feelings for one of her clients, Joshua, during her time working to bulk up his wardrobe. Good thing she was wearing a super cute dress, because she most definitely impressed him! In a similar vein, ASOS is selling a mesh dress that is a vague nod to Rachel’s sexy look — with even more color.

3. Shorts + Tights + A Long Sleeve

When you want to make a statement while looking understated and absolutely adorable, this legendary tights-and-shorts combo swoops in to save the day. Paired with a comfortable, patriotic shirt like Rachel’s long-sleeved one with ‘USA’ embroidered in black, you have your new favorite outfit. 

To support small businesses on Etsy while also following Rachel Green’s trends, check out the retro crewneck from Wild Kard Village.

4. This Checkered Dress

If you’re in desperate need of a new staple dress that can be worn every season, you’re in luck! Rachel’s checkered dress from her earlier days on Friends can be worn as a statement as is, covered up with a denim jacket, layered over a t-shirt or even paired with a faux fur coat! The options are endless with this dress so you definitely need to add it to your own closet ASAP! PacSun has a dress basically identical to Rachel’s, so hop on to online shopping!

5. The Classic-Shirt-and-Jeans Duo

In a rush? Not in the mood to shop? Want to look as cute as possible in minimal time? Look no farther than your favorite shirt and your best jeans (preferably a vintage style, like these high-rise Levi’s from Urban Outfitters) There’s something really chic about confidently wearing the clothes that you feel most comfortable in. And hey, maybe you’ll even find your lobster! 

*For those unfamiliar with Friends, Ross Geller is Rachel’s on-and-off significant other throughout the show who is referred to as Rachel’s “lobster”*

Next time you binge watch Friends on Netflix (it’s okay, we all do it) make sure to pay close attention to Rachel’s outfits to cop during your next online shopping spree or trek to the mall. 

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