PSA: Don't Forget to Make the Most of Your Time at UMass

If you're a second-semester senior like me, you’re probably thinking of all the things you regret not doing during your time at UMass. You probably joined a couple of RSOs freshman year that you wish you kept up with through your senior year, or yearn to go back in time so that you can explore Western Mass more with your friends. Here are some ways, no matter what year you're in, to make the most of your time at UMass.

1. Join RSOs and do something you never thought you would do.

There are so many different Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) at UMass that are available for everyone to join! These clubs cover a tremendous range of hobbies and interests. For example, you can join the UMass Outing Club and go on weekly hiking trips, or you can join the Belly Dancing club and perform for your friends! I joined Her Campus UMass, The Massachusetts Daily Collegian and the UMass Theatre Guild as soon as I could when I came to UMass! They've helped me the most at UMass because of all the great connections and memories I've made! If you're ever curious about what clubs are available to join, check out the UMass Campus Pulse page

2. Travel around Western Massachusetts.

In the rural setting of Western Mass., there are an infinite amount of awesome places to see. The most popular towns around Amherst are Northampton, Montague and Hadley. Northampton is a historical, hipster city home to Smith College (which is one of the colleges in the Five College Consortium) and a wide range of local restaurants and activities! (My favorites places to go in Northampton are Faces and Raven Books.) The Montague Book Mill is a hidden gem of the Valley. This book mill is homey and inviting as a two-floored bookstore that offers a wide range of materials. The Quarters in Hadley not only has great food and drinks, but is perfect for groups on the weekends and has a selection of arcade games. 

3. Meet new people wherever possible.

UMass is famous for being a huge school, meaning it’s not hard to meet a new person everyday. With more than 25,000 undergraduates, you can meet people through your clubs, classes and even on your dorm floor! I met most of my friends at UMass in my RSOs, my sophomore year dorm and through friends of friends!

4. Having fun is the most important.

While education is extremely important, remember that college is the time to explore and have fun.  Do whatever makes you happy, whether it’s going to bars with friends, having a Netflix viewing party or going to the Mullins Center for a concert! My best memories at UMass include me and my friends going on spontaneous adventures.

5. Take interesting classes outside your major.

Your major will account for a hefty amount of your coursework, but don’t forget to take some fun classes! Lucky for us, we're part of the Five College Consortium with a range of options at any of the other four colleges around us. Some of the most interesting classes I've heard about are yoga at Hampshire College, scuba diving at UMass or dance classes at Smith!

Whether you're a freshman or a senior, remember to make the most of your time at UMass!  

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