The Pros and Cons of Being A Tall Girl

Being a tall girl is a blessing and a curse. With the average height of a woman in the U.S. being 5' 4", it's no doubt that us tall girls tend to feel a little insecure about our height. If you're 5' 8" or taller, you can relate to the following struggles listed below: 

1. Heels

Cons: You are one of the tallest women in the venue.

Pros: You are one of the tallest women in the venue. Your legs– which are naturally stunning– look even more gorgeous and you look confident AF. Own it!


2. Dating

Cons: Finding someone taller than you is a major struggle. You can’t help but feel a little salty when you see a 5’4” girl dating a 6’5” boy. And if you decide to pursue someone your height or shorter, people judge you hardcore. I’m sorry– the options are limited!

Pro: Your SO loves your height. And if you’re lucky enough to find someone over 6’2”, it’s awesome. You two are like a power couple.

3. Hugging

Cons: A lot of people’s heads rest right by your boobs… And where do your arms go? Do you hug above their shoulders or below? THIS SHOULDN’T BE HARD TO DO!

Pros: Short people feel safe in your arms and don’t seem to mind that their head fits right between your breasts. That’s nice… I guess.


4. Taking Pictures

Cons: Sometimes your head gets cut off in the photos if you’re with your really short friends. And you’ve become a master at perfecting the “knee bend” technique to fit in.

Pros: You stand out! Everyone’s eyes immediately go to you, which is definitely something to be proud of.



5. Clothes

Cons: Finding jeans that go are long enough to cover your ankles is nearly impossible. You have to order dresses a size up hoping they’ll be long enough to look decently appropriate. And rompers are not even an option because of your long torso.

Pros: You don't have to worry about maxi dresses being too long or that they'll drag on the ground!


6. Going to Concerts

Cons: You feel bad for the people stuck standing behind you, but it’s out of your control!

Pros: You always have a perfect view of the stage. You don’t have to worry about being at that gross armpit level of smelling everyone’s B.O. And your friends can always find you if you get separated. My friend once told me at a festival, “It’s always easy to find you, I just look for the tall redhead.”


7. Standing Next to Short Friends

Cons: You feel like an Amazonian and very out-of-place, and you’ve gotten into the habit of begging them to wear heels when you go out so that the height difference is not as intense.

Pros: You’re like the alpha of the pack. Stand with pride and lead your group to the bars!


8. Finding Shoes That Fit

Cons: The cutest shoes are sizes 5-7, and there’s no way your size 10 foot can squeeze into those. If you’re shopping online, sizes 9 and up are usually out-of-stock.

Pros: The clearance section is FULL of bigger sized shoes. Sure, maybe a lot of them are ugly, but every once in a while you’ll find that gem that’s 50% off and make you feel grateful for your large feet.


9. You’re Naturally… Awkward

Cons: You bump into things, lose your balance easily, and when you dance you kind of look like a giraffe trying not to fall over– especially in heels. Did you trip on your way to class? Well, everyone saw it because of your height.

Pros: Honestly, your clumsiness is kind of cute. Being perfect is overrated. Embrace your awkwardness and laugh it off, because your quirkiness is adorable.


10. Sports

Cons: People just assume you play basketball or volleyball. Nope. I was a cheerleader for 15 years, and let me tell you, throwing a back handspring or back-tuck was much more difficult for me than my 4’10” flyer who barely weighed 100 lbs.

Pros: If you do play basketball or volleyball, your height gives you a huge advantage. Anything that involves running is easier. And you naturally look intimidating and strike fear in your enemies’ eyes.


11. Eating A Lot of Food

Cons: You feel like people are silently judging you for the amount of food on your plate, but that tall body needs nutrients!

Pros: You can eat a significantly more amount of food than your short friends and not gain weight. As someone who is constantly thinking about what I’m going to eat next, this is a major benefit.


12. Sitting in the Back Seat of the Car

Cons: THERE’S NO ROOM. Road trips are a nightmare if you’re crammed in the back.

Pros: There’s an unwritten rule that the tallest person in the car should sit up front. I don’t care if you claimed “SHOTGUN,” my long legs will beat you in a race to the passenger seat.

Tall girls have it harder than most people think, but you shouldn't feel ashamed about your height! You are a gorgeous queen who turns heads whenever you walk in a room. Throw back your shoulders, dig out those heels from the back of your closet, and embrace your tall beauty. 


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