Outerwear for Keeping Warm This Winter

Winter is approaching, and it’s getting pretty cold here in New England. 'Tis the season of black puffer jackets and ugly boots! However, you never should have to sacrifice fashion for warmth and comfort. Here are my favorite coats and accessories to keep the heat in, while still looking cute, of course.

Orolay Women’s Thickened Jacket

Nicknamed the “the Amazon coat”, this jacket gained it’s massive popularity just from people saying it’s popular. But this is one of those times that's worth the hype. Retailing from $139.99 to $149.99, you get a lot of bang for your buck here. The coat is made from 90% white duck down, which serves as an insulator to keep you warm even when it hits below zero. It has several pockets on the outside, so you definitely won’t need a purse when running quick errands. The hood is lined with extremely cozy faux Sherpa too. The best thing about this coat (besides how warm it is) is the design. It’s cut asymmetrically, so the back is longer than the front, and it is made oversized to match today’s fashion trends.​

Aritzia Super Puff

If you’re looking to splurge a bit more, but not quite to the point of spending $1,000 on a Canada Goose jacket, then the Aritzia Super Puff jacket is “super warm, super cool, and super super” for you. The jacket comes in over 28 colors with matte, high gloss, iridescent, and neon finishes. It is designed to deliver warmth down to below 22 degrees Fahrenheit. While putting on this jacket, it basically felt like I was wearing a sleeping bag. It is insulated with 700+ fill goose down, which is all responsibly sourced.

Chalier Infinity Scarf 

Scarves are a warm fashion statement you can get almost anywhere, and some of the best are on Amazon. Infinity scarves are effortless to wear and still manage to look good. This one comes in four practical colors to match everything in your wardrobe. The inside is lined with knit fleece, so your skin comes in direct contact with soft plush every time.


"Behind the ear" earmuffs are much more low profile than the regular ones and usually stay out of the way. I like these ones in particular because they’re cheap, come in a lot of color options, and actually stay on your head.

Women’s Purrl Stitch Beanie

Okay, what’s a fashion article without mentioning some apparel from the North Face? So here it is: this tightly knit slouchy beanie is fashionable and the warmest thing you’ll ever wear. From the stitching, you can tell it’s good quality and will last you several years.​


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