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Olympic Athletes Who Call Massachusetts Home

It’s that time again: when you snuggle up with a blanket and some hot chocolate in front of the TV in order to watch other people do stuff in the cold. Also known as the Winter Olympics.

Obviously we all love and support Team USA, but did you know that forty-two of the athletes on Team USA are from New England? And of those forty-two, ten are from our beloved state of Massachusetts. Not bad, huh?

That means that Mass is tied for ninth-most athletes competing in Sochi out of all fifty states. Not to mention the fact that there are multiple Olympic coaches representing the state as well. The events range from ice hockey to skiing and even bobsled. Here’s a peek at who to look out for in the coming weeks:

Name: Meghan Duggan

Town: Danvers, MA

Age: 26

Sport: Women’s Ice Hockey

Name: Molly Schaus

Town: Natick, MA

Age: 25

Sport: Women’s Ice Hockey

Name: Alex Carpenter

Town: North Reading, MA

Age: 19

Sport: Women’s Ice Hockey

Name: Michelle Picard

Town: Taunton, MA

Age: 20

Sport: Women’s Ice Hockey

Name: Kacey Bellamy

Town: Westfield, MA

Age: 26

Sport: Women’s Ice Hockey

Name: John Carlson

Town: Natick, MA

Age: 24

Sport: Men’s Ice Hockey 

Name: Simon Shnapir

Town: Sudbury, MA

Age: 26

Sport: Pairs Figure Skating

Name: Annalisa Drew

Town: Andover, MA

Age: 20

Sport: Freestyle Skiing (halfpipe)

Name: Emily Cook

Town: Belmont, MA

Age: 34

Sport: Freestyle Skiing (aerials)

Name: Steve Langton

Town: Melrose, MA

Age: 30

Sport: Bobsled

So Collegiettes™, put on some sweatpants, kick back and relax in the comfort of your cozy dorm. After all, you don’t actually have to be out in the cold to enjoy winter activities. Leave that to the pros. And don’t forget to root for those in Russia who also call this awesome state home!

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