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Stop. For all of you The Office lovers who can’t get enough and wish there were something more, I have the show for you. This Halloween season, you have to give What We Do In the Shadows a try. The show takes place in Staten Island, and focuses on three traditional vampires who live together: Nandor, Laszlo, and Nadja. They also live with Colin Robinson, who is an energy vampire, and he can most closely be compared to Dwight Schrute. Their last housemate, Guillermo, is Nandor’s familiar, which, as Guillermo himself would describe it, “is like being a best friend, who, who’s also a slave.”

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While some vampires can’t be caught on film, this crew sure can, and they seem to love it. The show uses a mockumentary comedic style of direction, making it similar to The Office, except it adds a twist of horror. Personally, I would argue that the show contains a lot more humor than it does gore, but if you’re not a fan of blood maybe watch with a buddy who can tell you when those scenes are over, LOL. These vamps sure are thirsty, and will do almost anything to find a victim… or make Guillermo find one for them. 

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Although in a lot of ways these vampires are nothing like traditional vamps, there are definitely some ways in which they are. Nandor, Laszlo, and Nadja can’t go out in daylight, or else they’ll turn to dust, so the show follows their evening adventures. The bloodsuckers are often confused, like the time they think they’re going to a Superb Owl party, but end up at their neighbor Sean’s house to watch some football. Of course, they were very disappointed, because “Vampires have huge respect for owls. One, they’re nocturnal. Two, they’re predators. And three, they don’t give a ‘hoot’ where they dump their scat.” Talk about a let down.

Despite their pale skin and permanent fangs, the group is constantly trying to fit into the lively New York City nightlife, which rarely goes as planned. Laszlo, even though he shouts “BAT,” out of the blue to shapeshift into, well, a bat, argues “We’ve been very careful not to stand out. Which is why we dress down.” They’re working on it. Oh, yeah, and we also learn that Guillermo has vampire slayer in his bloodline, and may be destined to kill the very people for whom he works. 

There’s never a dull moment with this gang, and lucky for us, we can expect a third season. The fang-tastic show can be found on Hulu.

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