An Ode to Spring: Your Rainy Day Playlist

Oh, spring—the beloved season that marks the end of slush and dark afternoons, and the beginning of blossoming trees and humid nights. There’s something about the overcast days, though, that feels particularly romantic. I think my own fondness began when I lived in Washington State as a child, and my parents would take me to Seattle, which is often referred to as "Rain City." We would trek through the markets on rain-stained roads as street musicians performed jazz pieces. On the drive home, I would use my finger to trace the slopes of raindrops as they rolled in streaks down the other side of the window.

Here's to wet days when the clouds hang low and the air feels electric. There's nothing better than watching the world from the safety of the indoors, with a blanket wrapped around your shoulders and mellow tunes playing to fit the mood.

The Swell Season | The Moon

Simon & Garfunkel | April Come She Will

Local Natives | Ceilings

The Kinks | Stormy Sky

April March | Le Temps de l’Amour

Tame Impala | Sun’s Coming Up

The Temptations | I Wish it Would Rain

Fleet Foxes | Sun it Rises

The Beatles | I’m So Tired

The Libertines | Gunga Din

Coconut Records | Slowly

The Smiths | Asleep

Triptides | English Rain

The Temptations | My Girl

José González | Slow Moves

Vampire Weekend | Obvious Bicycle

The Mamas & The Papas | Look Through My Window

The Beach Boys | Don’t Worry Baby

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