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Ode to Blarney

Once upon a time,

In a land called the Zoo,

Was a day called Blarney

And very loved it was too

Known far and wide

The Blowout was famed

The first weekend in March

Everyone’s friends came


Alarms set for seven

Students would eagerly await

For this was the day

Everyone started early, not late


As the pre-gaming started

On that magical day

Everywhere people went

Irish music would play

All the lads and lassies

Dressed up in green

Walked to the townhouses

Down North Pleasant Street


Out in the courtyard

With libations in hand

Hundreds of students

In the cold would stand


Barstool flags waving

For everyone to see

People yelling and dancing

Looking out from their balconies


A particular Blarney

Would go down in history

The beginning of the end

Happened in 2014

Because all of a sudden

From out of sight

Marched in the forces

To no one’s delight

And just like that it vanished

Blarney Blowout was no more

 In the blink of an eye it was over 

Just gone out the door


The crowds walking back

All frowns on their faces

Knew it was over

For coming UMass generations


The luck of the Irish

Was with those who got to go

But as for the rest

They will never know


To our dear Blarney

Now that we are a part

You’ll be with us in spirit

And forever in our hearts


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Disclaimer: This does not reflect opinions of any members of Her Campus, Her Campus UMass Amherst, students at UMass Amherst, or UMass Amherst itself. 

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