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Need A New Roommate? Here Are My Tips On Finding One At UMass Amherst

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

It’s officially time to start registering for housing for the fall 2023 semester at UMass! This means you’re going to start thinking about where to live, and most importantly who will be your roommate. I know it can be a little overwhelming to find a roommate in such a short time, but I can help with what I know from experience!

The Best Way To Find A Roommate

In my opinion, the best option to find a roommate is to post about it on your UMass graduating class account on Snapchat or Instagram. You will find them by typing “UMass Amherst Class of [year of graduation]” in the Instagram search bar. However, on Snapchat, you will have to sign into your UMass account in order to be added to the story for your specific graduating class. Once that is done, you’ll be connected to a lot of students who might also be looking for a roommate. This is why it’s great to post about it online because you can get your information out there so quickly, and have a greater chance of finding someone in the same situation.

Some advice on what to say in your post would be to mention your graduating year, major, interests/hobbies, music taste, and maybe other things you would like your future roommate to know. Here is an example of mine to show a better understanding…

“Hi! My name is Amanda Chung and I’m currently a freshman marketing major looking for a roommate for the fall semester of 2023. Some of my interests are painting, reading, crocheting, and working out. I’m into any type of music, but I’ve been listening to a lot of R&B and pop. I like staying in mostly, but I also enjoy going out once and a while! I prefer to have a clean room, and have no noise when I’m sleeping. But other than that, I’m okay with anything! Contact me if you think we would work well together.”

However, if finding a roommate online is not your thing, that’s okay! There is still the old-fashioned way of just talking with others in your surroundings, and asking if they need a new roommate or know someone who might need one.

How To Know If That Person Is The Right Roommate For You

Once you have talked to a couple of people, it might be difficult to narrow down who could be the right roommate for you. I suggest the most important thing to do to determine if a person is right for you is to compare your lifestyle with theirs. It doesn’t have to be the exact same lifestyle, but they should be compatible with one another. You should consider both of your sleeping schedules, if you’re both clean or messy, or how a certain noise level affects you both. An example of two people’s lifestyles not being compatible is if one stays up late, but the other sleeps early and needs the lights off and no noise in order to sleep. It could create conflict if there’s no communication involved or compromises.

This connects to another important factor to determine if a person is the right roommate for you which is respecting boundaries and communication. You might have concerns that you want to tell your roommate, for example, you might prefer to have the windows closed at night because it helps you sleep better. This is where communication and respecting boundaries come in. If you voice your concerns to your potential roommate, and they don’t try to understand or compromise then it’s probably best to find another person who will. Overall, the talking stage of finding a roommate is an important process that should not be overlooked considering you want to make sure you have a comfortable and safe living space.

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I hope my advice is helpful for anyone who is looking for a roommate! I’m currently looking for a roommate myself, so I understand how stressful and nerve-wracking it can be to find someone and make sure you work well together. This is why I made this article for anyone that needs a little help with their journey to find a roommate. Best of luck to everyone!

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