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Necessities to Survive a New England Winter

It’s inevitable—it’s about to be painfully, maddeningly cold. So get excited! Late fall and winter in New England is probably one of the most beautiful things you will get to see. First the leaves turn blood red, and then the ground gets covered in thick, white snow—and throughout all of this, the cold kicks in. What I’ve learned is that waking up for an 8 a.m. on a chilly, dark winter morning is almost impossible. Unless, of course, you have a few necessities to help you power through. 

1. Heated Blanket or Mattress Pad 

I absolutely promise you this will be the best thing in your life. (And maybe the worst because it will be almost impossible to get out of bed). It will be the most toasty, most cozy thing you will ever sleep with. It will keep you warm and snug and help you fall right to sleep at any given moment. Best sleeps and naps you’ll ever have. 

2. A Heavy-Duty Winter Jacket 

This will be your best friend as you walk by the library on a cold, windy day. It will save your life. Trust me. Buy one with a fuzzy, fleece-lined inside and you will double-thank me and also never have to struggle through another day being cold and wishing you were doing anything but walking around campus. 

3. A Pair of Winter Boots 

There’s nothing worse than waking up, looking out your window, seeing that it snowed even though the meteorologist promised it wouldn’t, and realizing you don’t have the proper shoes to battle the mess with. Slipping and sliding in the snow while trying to walk to class is both scary and embarrassing. Invest in a pair of winter boots with good grip and support to take on those slippery mornings and slushy nights. 

4. An Infinity Scarf 

Be sure to buy one that is fluffy, fuzzy, and big. You will thank me later when your face and nose are cold and you can easily bury your face in your plush scarf to stop the pain of the wind hitting you at full force. 

5. Ice Scraper and/or Snow Brush

This is a must if you have your car on campus. When a big storm hits and you have to move your car for the plows to come through, this will be a necessity. You can easily brush the snow off and chip away at the ice to be able to see and drive safely, without clearing it off with your hand and walking away with dripping and frozen fingers.

6. String Lights

This may not be a necessity exactly, but I promise that it will make your room feel cozy and warm on those cold and gray days. There’s nothing better than snuggling under your covers on a chilly day, turning on those string lights and relaxing. It’s easy to let yourself get down in the winter with the cold bleakness, but this will help make you feel more relaxed and at ease.

Don’t let the idea of a New England fall or winter scare you. Whether you’re from around here, from Texas, or from California, I promise you can handle it. Invest in a few items and brace for the cold because, even if you wish it wouldn’t, it’s coming. But you can handle it! 

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