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It’s almost October. That came fast, but also very, very slow. Can you believe there’s only around 100 days left in 2020? I can’t decide whether to be relieved or nervous for the 100 more days to come. 

It is now officially autumn, as of September 22, 2020, and for some reason, the sudden change in weather is all people seem to be talking about lately. So here I am, hopping on that train too. 

I used to LOVE summer. As a kid, my sole reason for loving it so much was because my birthday fell smack dab in the middle of it. I mean, come on, it was the first season little baby me ever got to experience. But as I got older, I found myself just loving the summer energy. Especially in high school, after I got my first car and got to experience the freedom of the open road. There is truly nothing better than driving with the windows down and summer throwbacks playing on the radio, in a cute dress and high-heeled sandals, off to get some ice cream. I work better when it’s warm and sunny – mentally, physically, emotionally;  I’m telling you the sun does WONDERS for the body. Maybe it was because summer was when school was finally out! Summer meant vacation… and who doesn’t love the last day of classes and the first day of summer?

Every year summer goes by really fast. Maybe not so much this year because summer ended up being a lot longer than the usual 3 months … but still. People tend to yearn for the things that seem unavailable to them.

But then I got to thinking: I can only take so much of the summer days where the heat is scorching and the humidity is so high that my hair poofs up the second I leave the house before I start dreaming of reasons to look forward to the fall. There are so many reasons why fall ends up being the happy medium between the scorching summer, and the seemingly endless frozen winter. The colors, the holidays, the pumpkin EVERYTHING, the comfort clothes and the warm lattes on a cold day. It’s truly what I’ve been looking forward to lately. 

Sweater Weather

I would much rather be wrapped in a fuzzy knit sweater, leggings, and boots than strut around in a crop top and short shorts. Comfort and style come hand in hand in the fall and I am here for it. What better way to stay comfortable than to get away with wearing a blanket as a top for 3 months?  


Okay I’m not gonna lie right now, I LOVE pumpkin. Whether it’s carving, eating, smelling, sipping, or baking, fall brings pumpkin everywhere. I never used to like pumpkin, and I genuinely don’t know where this fascination comes from, but it’s here to stay!

pumpkin pie on table, fall meal
Photo by Element5 Digital from Stocksnap

Crisp Mornings and Open Windows

Oh, the cool breeze and the smell of fall in the air. You all know what I’m talking about, that sudden chill that feels like new beginnings, combined with the crackling of dry leaves on the ground and the wispy smell of smoke coming out of someone’s chimney. It’s such a distinguished scent that you can no longer deny that fall is on the way. Yeah, it’s definitely a refreshing breath of fresh air after the summer heat, and letting all of that into your house feels even better. 


There’s something about seeing the fall colors –the orange, red, and yellow on the trees––that makes me smile and say I’m happy to be alive. Fall brings such a perfect mix of the sun, clouds and colors that I can’t help but fall in love with. It feels like the world is shifting, preparing a new start alongside the rest of us. The season is changing, the weather is changing. Change is in the air, and it is so deliciously intoxicating. 

Woman sitting in leaves during fall time
Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels


Anyone who knows me would probably be very confused at the sight of this one. I’ll be honest, I am NOT a sports girl. I don’t play sports. I don’t even like watching them sometimes. But, there’s something different about football season. Something exciting, it goes along with whole the new beginnings, togetherness-feel that fall brings into everyone’s hearts. People get SO into watching these games (not really sure why), but it’s so energetic and it’s something people do together, which I love. Also, there’s always snacks at a good football party!


Speaking of food! Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, muffins, pie, Halloween candy… getting me hungry just writing it all down. It really speaks for itself. 

Re-reading this, I really did not expect to have this much to say about the fall season. I’m actually kind of surprised. Despite this long list, I’m still not done! Fall is great and all, but it definitely has its cons.

It’s cold!

I despise being cold. My body just decides to stop functioning. I swear, by the time fall hits I’ve already broken out all the winter sweaters, boots, and fuzzy blankets in preparation. And despite it being so cold, it’s still not cold enough to have killed all the spiders and bugs. The days get shorter, the dark comes quicker, and it feels like life is just trying to speed its way towards winter. 

Flu Season 

The change in the season brings about the change in people’s health. All of a sudden the entire world gets a cold. This does not bode well for the corona season either. All these people get sick and decide to still go to work or school and happily pass it on to you. Around and around it goes until eventually everyone has had to call out for a sick day at least once this season.

School starts

The calm summer for students AND teachers is over! The stress is back. I would look forward to this time for approximately a week before all the work kicked in and I would start to miss summer all over again. 

woman walking on a pathway with fall leaves
Dmitry Schemelev


So, you see my confliction? I love the fall, but I also can’t decide if I love it or I dread it. Can you dread something you love? Overall, I do appreciate the contrast. It allows us to show us what we want and have gratitude for the things we have. For me, its these fleeting feelings during the fall that keeps life interesting. 


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Myna Chadalavada

U Mass Amherst '22

Myna is a senior neuroscience and biochemistry double major at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She is passionate about her research in emotion regulation and wants to find a way to use her words to change a life. You can find her in the greenhouse, on a rooftop garden writing poetry, the 23rd floor of the library with a book in her hand, or a room with a piano.
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