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My Journey to Meditation and How It’s Helped Me

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Every morning at around 9 a.m., I make my bed, brush my teeth, then pull out my yoga mat for my daily meditation. For about eight minutes I sit in silence listening to a guided meditation in order to get ready for the day. This was singlehandedly one of the best decisions I had made this past semester. 

One of my goals for the year was to do more things that are beneficial to my mental health. This included drinking more water, going to the gym at least twice a week, and meditating. My friend suggested that I start meditation since it improved her well-being and suggested for me to get the app “Insight Timer,” which provided free guided meditations. Starting mediation can sound scary at times. This past summer, I tried it once before I went to bed and then decided that it was not for me. For some reason, once the fall semester started I knew that I wanted to try meditation again and I am so happy I did. 

Having now mediated for a couple of months has provided me so much. For one thing, it has made me appreciate solitude. I think that it is very easy to be caught up in college and overbook yourself with lunches, dinners, and hangouts. Meditation has taught me that it is okay to be alone and to take time for yourself. Even though I only meditate for about eight minutes a day, it is completely to myself. I now find myself being comfortable with silence. Whether I am alone in my dorm relaxing or even talking with my friends, I now appreciate the silence much more than I did before. 

Through meditating I also find myself more relaxed. This is because meditating gives me a clean slate. A chance to put whatever worries I have away and focus on breathing. Although we breathe 24/7 in order to live, it feels much more different when you focus on it. 

I also find that meditation has provided me with the gift of the present time. I consider myself to be a very goal-oriented person and with that comes a lot of future talks. I find myself thinking about tomorrow and what my week or month will look like. While this can be helpful for many reasons, I think that at some point we all have to really take in life for what it is right now. I think that meditation helps to ground me in the present moment. Yes, I do find myself planning ahead of time and thinking ahead. But, I think that meditation has helped me do a little less of that, which has proven to be helpful to me.  

I recommend a good meditation to anyone who is looking to spice up their morning routine. While it might feel difficult and pointless at first, the more that you do it, the more that your mind and body will get used to the process of meditating. It is 100 percent worth it.

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Niajah Hyppolite

U Mass Amherst '23

Niajah Hyppolite is currently a junior majoring in Sociology with a minor in Political Science. During her free time she enjoys watching comedies and spending time with her loved ones. She loves reading memoirs and always has a caffeinated beverage in her hand at all times. This is her third semester with HerCampus and she is very excited to write!
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