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My Body, My Health: Get FIT with Winter Sports

There are plenty of ways to get your sweat on besides cooped up inside the rec center or running in the blistering wind. There are so many places right near UMass where you can get the full winter experience and an exciting, fun, workout all in one stop!

What it works??
The top 3 activities to do in the snow work some of your core muscles and can help with strengthening various parts of your body! Here are just a few of the muscles you’ll be working when you head out and work it into the white wilderness.


Feet and ankle muscles
Gluteus maximus (your butt!)
Quadriceps (front of the leg)
Hamstrings (Back of the Leg)
**If you ski while holding poles: you upper body, shoulders, triceps,biceps, and back get a workout from the resistance and constant motion.
Primary Muscles Used for Skiing | Trails.com


Core Muscles
Foot and Ankle Muscles
Upper Leg Muscles
Hip and glute muscles
Primary Muscles Used for Snowboarding | Trails.com

Cross Country skiing

Core Muscles
Gluteus maximus (butt)
Triceps and Biceps
Rhomboids and Rear Deltoids (back)
Primary Muscles Used for Cross-Country Skiing | Trails.com

There are tons of places around UMass to tryout all of these activities. Each are within 2 hours of travel or less!

Skiiing and Snowboarding

Cross country skiing
For great cross-country skiing trails check out this website with the top places to get your ski on!

Ice Skating
Don’t forget about the Mullins Center. Open Ice hours are posted on the website.

Think that playing in the snow doesn’t count as a workout? THINK AGAIN! Here are the approximate calories you’ll burn (per hour) while doing all of your favorite cold weather activities:


Always Remember before you venture out:

STRETCH! Stretch out your calves, your thighs, and your arms before you leave since once you arrive at your destination things tend to get hectic between buying lift tickets and renting boots.

Don’t underestimate the weather. It’s better the wear or bring extra layers such as a scarf, gloves/mittens, neck warmer, and long underwear. You can always take it off but, no one wants to be the girl complaining of frost bite all day long.

PROTECT YOUR SKIN! Being in high altitudes and out in the cold for long periods of  time can dry out your skin or even give you a sunburn. Make sure you put on moisturizer with at least 15 SPF or just wear your moisturizer and add sunblock.

NOW you have all the tips and tools you need to get out there and ENJOY the rest of the winter months!

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