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Moving Off Campus: Learning How to Live a Car Ride Away

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

This semester, spring of 2022, I moved from an on-campus residence hall into an off-campus house. The move presented several…challenges, to say the least. But I can also say that it’s given me amazing peace of mind and some wonderful friends. Here are some pros and cons to living off-campus, as well as some other insights for those preparing to make the change!


Meeting new people

I moved into a house with five people already living there, and at first, I was worried I wouldn’t fit in or mesh well. As it turns out, the opposite was true! I met some wonderful people who I can joke and laugh with no problem!


Let me tell you it’s absolutely freeing to be able to use the restroom without having to wait for a cleaning person to be done. Sure, the occasional housemate will occupy for a little bit but it’s nowhere near as inconvenient as the custodians in the residence halls. It’s also fun to be able to hang out with whoever, whenever with no regard for security.


I love to cook at home all the time, and being in a dorm was never doing me any favors. Finally, with my own kitchen and ability to make whatever I want, I can cook myself a fried egg every day with nearly no repercussions. It’s awesome! I’ve found recipes for bang-bang tofu, mac and cheese bites, custard toast, and more!



Unfortunately, living off-campus comes with living farther away from the actual, well, campus. Being farther from the main part of campus resulted in driving a little every day, and just having to put the effort into being on campus. It’s not too bad, but definitely something you overlook when you live on campus.

Why does everything cost money

I have to buy *shudders* groceries now, just so that I don’t starve on the weekends where I’m less likely to go to a dining hall. I also have to pay for gas, as well as rent and utilities. These are all things you can take for granted while living on campus in a dorm, but when you pay for them yourself it really feels like a kick in the shins.

on campus friends

As a second-semester sophomore, lots of my friends in my year still live on campus. It can be kind of a hassle to drive over just to hang out or have to get everything ready if they decide to come to my place. I’m still glad they’re there for me, but I definitely can feel that distance when I’m out of sight of the library.

So, in conclusion, I’m really happy I moved off-campus. Regardless of the cons, the pros make up for it and then some. I’m happy to have my own room, my own cooktop, and everything else!

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Fiona MacLaughlin

U Mass Amherst '24

Fiona is a sophomore Nature Resources Conservation major and Forestry concentration student at University of Massachusetts Amherst. She is originally from Newtown Square, PA and enjoys books, conversations about books, and long walks on the beach.