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The Monsters Under the Bed

I wrote this poem at my own leisure one day when I was thinking about growing up. I thought about how monsters used to be these scary creatures that would hide under our beds when we were younger, and how with time our “monsters” become our thoughts or the battles we come across in life. Ironically, our thoughts and experiences may even wind up being scarier than the creatures our imaginations used to come up with when we were younger. However, our thoughts, our experiences, our failures and our successes only help us grow. They make us stronger, wiser, and help shape who we are today. I hope you enjoy the poem Collegiettes, and feel free to have your own interpretation!

“There are monsters under the bed!”

She screamed as her mother came running in

They were tiny and furry

Her mother said not to worry

For one day she will win.

She’ll grow tall and strong,

She won’t have to wait long,

“But for now go to sleep” as she tucked her in.


“There are monsters under the bed”

She thought as she lay awake

With homework unfinished

Her patience diminished

And all she wished for was summer break.

The monsters were bigger

But as was she

So she’ll lie over and go to sleep.

She applies to college tomorrow

Ecstatic filled with sorrow

And her ex-boyfriend is no longer worth the weep.


“There are monsters under the bed”

She realized while her roommate softly snores,

Grown tough and strong

Even if school is going all wrong

Even after eighteen years or more

She thinks to herself as she fills the wineglass

One for her and one for the monster too

That she has won

After all she has done

Because she found the missing clue.


That the monsters won’t hurt her

Maybe only disturb her

But she’ll strut on now that she grew.

And with this thought she feels free

Her, monsters, and harmony.

That the truth after all this time and fuss,

 Is that the monsters that we cannot change,

End up changing us.

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