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Michael Balanov

Class of 2013
Major: Electrical Engineering
Minor: Math
Hometown: Brookline, MA. Lod, Israel.
Campus involvement: Co-manager, Tix-unlimited.
Quote to live by: ELE! Everybody love everybody!- Jackie Moon
3 things you couldn’t live without: Family, Family, and TI-89. 
Guilty pleasure: The cat back home. 
Favorite TV show: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
What you look for in a girl: Uggs, northface…you know, or just hair smelling like flowers, and a nice smile. Can not outsmart me.
Where you see yourself in 10 years: divorced with 3 kids..or working and living in Israel with the girl that I described. 
If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?: Who else but moses 
Favorite place in Amherst: shoutout to 101 Puffton, Hillel house.

Caroline Bagby is a senior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst majoring in Journalism and minoring in Spanish. She spent her summer interning at Kiss FM for Boston's #1 hit radio show and getting owned by the restaurant where she waited tables. She is now double interning for Her Campus and for ABC40 in Springfield, MA where she is working as a broadcast news intern. Caroline hopes to one day make a name for herself in the production industry. She enjoys spending the money she doesn't have, bubbletinis, watching movies, writing, and surrounding herself with friends and family. 
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