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Like most collegietes, we here at HC UMass Amherst always have the best intentions of getting our work done in a timely fashion. However, with the constant checking of Facebook, Twitter, and all the great blogs out there, one can get… distracted.

Whether you need a break from the mountain of work in front of you, inspiration for a makeover, or advice concerning a new beauty product, here are some fashion and beauty blogs we love right now!

1.) http://cupcakesandcashmere.com
This fashion and lifestyle blog by Emily Shuman is a great place to go if you need inspiration for chic food, ensemble and design ideas. I just found a great Irish soda bread recipe that I’m going to try over the Christmas break!

2.) http://stylebykling.nowmanifest.com

Style by Kling is one of my favorite blogs and has been for a while. Elin Kling, a Swedish television personality, model and now designer, is the face behind this stylish site. Though some of it is in Swedish, her pictures really do all the talking. Her effortless style, fantastic photography and glamorous life make this blog one to check daily for international insider information on all things high fashion.

3.) http://streetpeeper.com
This blog is for those who love people watching… on a global level. Street Peeper snaps stylish civilians from the streets of L.A to Oslo. With 26 cities worth of pictures to browse through, it’s like taking a stroll on the streets of your favorite metropolis…almost.

4.) http://gofugyourself.com
Go Fug Yourself serves up style, beauty and entertainment news with more than a little sass. These bloggers say everything you want to say… but are too nice to.

5.) http://glamour.com
An oldie but goodie, Glamour’s website has been my go to for everything fashion and beauty since high school. Feeling transatlantic? Check out the UK sister site; in my opinion it has better style articles and make-up ideas. 

6.) http://www.elleandblair.com
Elle and Blair are two stylish sisters who got their start doing product hauls and beauty tutorials on Youtube. With their conversational writing style and candid product reviews, this is definitely a go to when deciding whether or not to splurge on that new mascara or moisturizer.

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