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A Letter to My Future Self

Dear Me

It feels weird to address you, because I know you and don’t know you simultaneously. As you read this, are you currently on a plane to some faraway place? Are you working at a job that you love? Or are you in front of your television, sweatpants-hair-tied-chilling-with-no-makeup-on with a giant bottle of wine? Wherever it is the world takes you, I hope you are happy. I know these are words you’ve probably heard a million times before from friends, parents, strangers, fortune cookies, and that one Bob Marley song. Over the years though, it has probably become a repetitive mantra that you don’t even bother to think about and to be honest I hope you shouldn’t have to think about it because the happiness you feel is one that isn’t manufactured.

As you sit reading this, I hope you realize the past events which made you angry, embarrassed, or hurt are occasions so miniscule compared to the vast storybook of the past, present, and future joyous moments which will always be a part of you. Even though you want to forget these moments, do not take for granted that they have crafted you into someone strong, independent, and fearless.

There will continue to be those people who threaten to take your independence away by condemning it to be unattractive and off-putting. Some will even come out of the woodwork and try and dictate to you the type of person they think you are. My future self, I hope you remember at the end of the day no one knows you better than you know you. I hope you are not sitting in the passenger seat letting people pilot your own life. Although life is such an unexpected and scary concept, I hope you do not live it in fear and that you continue to take chances.

With age, I hope your sense of wonder and amazement never ceases. The older we get, excitement tends to be labeled as childish and unfashionable. I hope you still scream, cry, snort, and stutter every time something takes your breath away and that you don’t let society dictate to you the emotions you should or want to feel.

I hope you’re still surrounded by groups of individuals that make you happy. Always know these are “your people” and they are the ones who will continue to keep you grounded. Hold on to them and always remember the ones who loved you back.

Lastly, I hope you still say the puns no one else thinks are funny and that you laugh even when you are stressed. May you always be the person who can never properly drive regardless of how many years they’ve had a license and may you always be afraid of anything that falls under the category of insect. I hope you still dance when a beat drops even though you should be banned from the dance floor. Above all, I hope no matter where this life takes you, that you never forget the awkward and wonderful things that make you who you are.

So cheers to you my future self. Let’s see where this crazy journey of life takes you.


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Chloe is double major in political science and legal studies. She is addicted to espressos and tea and her favorite hobbies include sleeping and eating. She also enjoys traveling and pretending she can dance like Beyoncé. Her life motto is "You can catch flies with honey, but you catch more honeys bein fly."
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