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A Letter of Faith to the Heartbroken

Dear Heartbroken Collegiette,

            I think most of us who have experienced heartbreak can agree that it is one of the worst pains that can be experienced in a lifetime. Movies tend to even beautify the whole experience sometimes by convincing us that eating ice cream by the gallon, listening to sad songs while we cry our eyes out, and watching Netflix locked away in our rooms will make us feel better. Now don’t get me wrong, all those things do help sometimes while we sulk in our own sorrows. However, the truth is that we finish Netflix series, we get tired of the sad song, and we must put the gallon of ice cream down before our clothes will no longer fit (which would just add additional sorrow). Sometimes the pain of our heartbreak lasts longer than we’d like to admit and that does not make you crazy. It is okay to feel whatever you’re feeling; whether it be anger or sadness or maybe a roller coaster of both. It is even okay to miss the person who broke your heart, even if that doesn’t make logical sense at all.

            Despite all the waves of emotions, the endless unanswered questions you may ask yourself and the amount of times you may think to yourself that you don’t know how you will make it, I am here to tell you that you will. It is going to be difficult and you may feel like you have lost yourself in all the rubble of the world that came crashing down around you, but I can promise that somehow, some way you will not only survive, but thrive again. After a break up the world can seem so much duller, but the sky will return to its bright blue color one day. The key to making it through, you ask? Well I think the one thing you must not forget about is yourself. You need to remember what you deserve, how valuable you are, and that no matter how much you love someone else that they are wasting your time if they do not see how extraordinary you are. Stop asking yourself why you weren’t good enough. Stop pondering if the next person to come along in his/her life will be better or worse than you; it does not matter. You will only drive yourself crazy searching for answers that will never come. Instead, focus on yourself. Your favorite hobbies and the people in your life who help you back up when you fall. At the end of everyday write down the best part of your day. It reminds us that there is something good in each day even when life doesn’t seem all that sunny. Dress in the clothing that makes you feel radiant, acknowledge the great qualities in yourself that you may forget about sometimes. This is your time to fall in love with yourself again if you seemed to have forgotten how.

           You are unique, and one person will love you for each detail one day. Remember that the world would be lacking much of its beauty if daisies and sunflowers did not exist, even if to one opinion they take second place to a rose. I hope that this gives you hope or inspiration in a time of darkness. Bask in your uniqueness and embrace all of the qualities that make up yourself.


Your fellow Collegiette

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