A Letter To: Clingy Guys

Dear Clingy Guy,

So you are reading this because you think you might be a clingy guy… right? No, that probably never even crossed your mind. The clingy guy will never admit he is clingy; his jaw will drop in awe when a girl even hints that his friendliness may be a little too much. Well, we apologize in advance, because you may find a harsh reality coming your way.

First off, us collegiettes would like to apologize if we are misreading the situation and you are in fact just a sweet guy (which is rare to find these days). Maybe you come off a little strong and don’t know how to take it slow when you are interested in a girl. It may not even be your fault since we, as girls, are simply prone to go for the a**holes because, really, isn’t that just what girls do? We are sincerely sorry in advance if you are one of the nice guys that we look right past.

Alright, time to get down to business. Even if you are a great guy, unfortunately, you are also a clingy one. What your goal should be is to find a happy medium! Girls don’t want a guy that ignores them or juggles multiple girls at once. We long for freedom. We will not tolerate being suffocated by another person (especially in the first stage of a relationship).

So yes it’s common knowledge that pursuing someone becomes more exhilarating when “the chase” is involved - sometimes we even force the whole play "hard to get" trick.

Even though these games are common in college flings, we are sick of it! Girls are simply looking for a trustworthy person that share the same passions, interests and love for life (and is mutually interested in us - duh!) However, we are not looking for someone who is going to jump the gun and want serious commitment after the second date!

Instead of texting her 24/7 and asking her to hang out when she already told you she was busy, let her come to you. Also, save yourself the embarrassment and don’t ask about her ex-boyfriend on the first date. That's what we call a major no-no.

After taking it slow, plan a nice date after casually talking for a few weeks. This will leave your love interest daydreaming about the next endeavor. Keep her on her toes, but do little things to show her you care.

Let's face it: we’re in college. What is the use of rushing things when we have our whole lives for commitment?

Bottom line: if a girl were acting like you are, clingy guy, would you like it?


The girl who wants to give you a chance