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Lessons of My Brothers : Lesson #2

Lesson #2: Follow your dreams

Big things have recently happened for all three of my brothers. While I’ve been right beside them growing up I have never really taken a minute to reflect on what they are all doing. So when I took that step back I realized that through their actions they have taught me the invaluable, and somewhat cheesy, lesson of following your dreams.

(left to right, Mark, Andy, Connor)

Andy, 28
My brother Andy started school at the University of South Carolina. Two years in he decided to transfer to Providence College to be closer to home. He got a job right out of school and immediately began work with Salary.com. From there he moved on to Success Factors and did so well that when he decided to make the move from Boston to Charleston, South Carolina his boss decided that he was so valuable to the team that they would let him work from home. He had it made. Working from his home, which was in walking distance to the beach, with his new pup. While Andy was content, his ambitions took over when he heard of a start-up company coming to Charleston. Andy’s perfectionism and charisma landed him a job as a senior account executive at PeopleMatter...a job that many people would kill for...and he’s only 28.

Mark, 24
Mark is easily the brightest kid in our family. It was always extremely frustrating when I would battle with a geometry problem or Spanish grammar or history facts and Mark would swoop right in and give the answer without a second thought. It’s as if everything comes natural to him. With his smarts he could easily land any job in any workforce, whether it be finance, writing, or even advertising. However, Mark has decided to take a much more unconventional route. After studying abroad in Granada, Spain Mark found his niche with foreign language. He’s the one I go to for Spanish paper corrections and I have often used him as my own personal dictionary. With this profound talent Mark is moving to Chile on Saturday, Feb. 5 with his girlfriend. That’s right...moving there. Not studying abroad, not going for vacation, going to live there. His plans are to work in a school teaching English in a 100% Spanish environment. Mark’s pursuit of a life that truly interests him and inspires others is bold and courageous. Although I am going to miss him immensely, I envy his fearlessness as he enters this next new and exciting phase in his life.

Connor, 17
Connor is the baby in the family, and basically my pride and joy. I have taken on the role of protective older sister and while I’m very comfortable in this position, I’m not quite positive Connor feels the same way. With his title of the “baby” comes the (probable) annoyance of everyone deciding what you do and how well you do it. Connor is an athlete to the core. He has always excelled at whatever sport you put him to. Coming from a big lacrosse family, Connor basically came out of the womb and into a lacrosse stick. He would always play with Mark and Andy and my father always was, and still is, his coach. Because of his outstanding skills everyone expected him to seek colleges that offered him a position on their lacrosse team - and that’s how the process began. He listened when coaches called the house and visited schools of interest, until one day he decided to tell everyone that lacrosse was not, in fact, his passion. After coming to this conclusion Connor’s desire to attend a school that offered a golf program became apparent. He found schools down south and, because of his exceptional golf skills, was offered scholarships to the PGA program at a majority of the schools he applied to. Connor decided to speak up and because of this, he is now able to pursue his true dreams.

All four of us are extremely different. We have different goals, aspirations, and outlooks on life. One trait that I believe remains consistent is our desire to achieve whatever it is that we want. As I near graduation I have been trying to explore job opportunities that are “more realistic” rather than what I would truly love to do. However, after taking a look at the steps of my brothers I now realize that any route is possible as long as I am willing to take the necessary steps to get there.

Caroline Bagby is a senior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst majoring in Journalism and minoring in Spanish. She spent her summer interning at Kiss FM for Boston's #1 hit radio show and getting owned by the restaurant where she waited tables. She is now double interning for Her Campus and for ABC40 in Springfield, MA where she is working as a broadcast news intern. Caroline hopes to one day make a name for herself in the production industry. She enjoys spending the money she doesn't have, bubbletinis, watching movies, writing, and surrounding herself with friends and family. 
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