Kardashian Fashion: Kollege Edition

We don’t know about you, Collegiettes, but lately we’ve noticed that the Kardashians have been looking ridiculously well-dressed in recent months. Since Kendall and Kylie are basically our only go-to sources for outfit inspiration these days, we thought it only fair to share their chic style with the world. Even though it’s not any of the Kardashian’s fault that their entire family somehow inherited absurdly perfect looks, we still can’t help but feel a tiny bit envious. How is it even fair that Kendall and Kylie both casually look flawless on any given day of the week, but I can barely will myself to change out of sweatpants and moccasins to attend class? All one can really do is stalk their Instagrams in a desperate attempt to emulate their exact hair, style and makeup choices.

Based on Kendall's flawlessness in the photo below alone, we are left with no other choice than to deplete our bank accounts, bite the bullet and buy a leather skirt. It even had us thinking for a second that we could pull off a pretty long pea coat, but we know the opposite to be true, so we salute you, Kendall.

Note to self, Collegiettes: wear more plaid. Also learn one day how to rock thigh high stiletto boots without looking like we just won a dress-up contest as Vivian from Pretty Woman.

My new goal for the year is to look this good coming back from the gym. Khloe’s out here repping Drake lyrics and probably making Lamar cry while he stares longingly at her candids. Also, somebody needs to give us fifty dollars so that we can buy this shirt, ASAP.

Our next going out look is totally going to be a white halter top and choker necklace, so we can look this hot. Seriously, if we looked like Kylie when we were seventeen, high school would have been a whole lot easier. Tyga is one lucky (albeit creepy) man.

Who knows what Kanye has done to level up the collective Kardashian family’s fashion game, but whatever it is, it worked perfectly. We didn’t even bother including Kim’s recently worn outfits because every look she (read: Kanye) has created lately is fire. Perhaps he sat them all down and made them watch his twenty minute rant on the fashion industry. Honestly, we wouldn’t put it past him. Needless to say, they are truly the walking definitions of #streetstyle
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