Jobbook, A look at better networking

For seniors, the time has come to start preparing for the real world. You might be wondering, “How should I be doing this?”  By registering for Jobbook! Jobbook is the newest professional website designed to help you find a job easier and faster.

Jobbook is a company founded by students from top universities, to help you get the resources you need to find your dream job. It works by matching its members up with employers and companies that pertain to their field of interest. Just like students, employers are signing up with Jobbook to find their perfect candidate.   Through this website you will gain access to jobs and internships around North America. The best part: it’s absolutely free.   

Because students founded this company, the creators know exactly what you need to find a job or internship more successfully. They have their members’ best interest in mind because they can relate to them.

Josh Frishberg, this weeks Campus Celebrity and the campus correspondent for Jobbook at UMass has all you need to know about this site!

How did you get started with Jobbook?

Zack Newburgh, a co-founder of JobBook, wanted to find one college student from a select number of major universities to represent his company. A mutual friend suggested me for the position. Our friend thought I would be great for the position because, in my time on campus, I have been involved in a lot of extracurricular activities, such as being a Teaching Assistant and an RA.

Why do you think Jobbook is beneficial?

When trying to get internships and jobs you don’t just have eRecruiting or LinkedIn or connections – you have all of them! There are so many different avenues to find jobs and internships. This enhances your ability to find available positions, as well as getting your name out there more efficiently. It’s very similar to monster, only it is free!

How many people are on Jobbook?

It is constantly expanding throughout North American schools, but recently we just hit the 10,000thmember plateau!

What is the best part about Jobbook?

Jobbook is by students for students. The site was designed with having students’ best interest in mind. The creators can relate to students trying to find jobs, so they added every resource one could possibly need.

Anything else our readers should know?

There is absolutely no risk in signing up for this. It can only help you.  At the end of the day, you have the chance to walk away hearing of many different job openings. What’s the harm in that?

Also, Jobbook gives away free trips on the occasion of each 100thmember hired!