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love is blind cast reunion
love is blind cast reunion
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Is Love Blind? A Review of the Fourth Season of the Social Experiment That Has Captured the Attention of Millions of Viewers

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

*Spoilers ahead*

In the world of Tinder and hookup culture, it can be difficult to really search for the one and find that deep emotional connection. Love is Blind, a Netflix series hosted by Vanessa and Nick Lachey, was first released in 2020. The participants in this social experiment first focus on building a foundation by talking about their life experiences without ever seeing one another. As they begin to form a deep bond, they then decide to get engaged “sight unseen.” They then see if their emotional connection can translate into the real world by going on a romantic getaway, living together, and meeting each other’s family all before going to the altar to say “I do” or “I don’t.” 

So, most of the couples this season did end up getting married.

Here are my thoughts on the couples that either did or did not end up together:

Chelsea And Kwame

Kwame and chelsea at the love is blind reunion

I’m not going to lie. I was skeptical that these two would end up married after seeing some of the problems they faced when they were engaged and living together. For one, their biggest hurdle was that Kwame lived in Portland and Chelsea lived in Seattle. Kwame was also not sure about making the move from Portland to Seattle. They did seem to overcome these hurdles and end up both saying “I do” at the altar. Although I wasn’t convinced at first, hearing about their love story and how everything cute off-camera (like their Calvin Klein date) was not shown has led me to believe in them and their hopefully long-lasting marriage.

brett and tiffany

love is blind season 4 finale

Brett and Tiffany were my absolute favorite couple in the pods and in real life. I had no doubt that each of them would say “I do” at the altar. I would smile every time I saw them on screen. The cutest part of the show was when Brett got the portraits made for Tiffany and surprised her after she was having a hard time with wedding planning.

zack and bliss

love is blind season 4 finale

Zack and Bliss had a difficult journey in finding each other but I am so glad they did. They also had the shortest engagement out of everyone. I also found it really amazing how they talked about how “I hope you dance” being their wedding song and then dancing to it at their wedding. It truly brought tears to my eyes because there was a deeper meaning behind it. 

Jackie and marshall

Jackie and Marshall seemed really strong in the pods and in Mexico. However, once it came time to live together it seemed as if Jackie was not getting enough from Marshall. Not every relationship can work out unfortunately and they did end up separating before making it to the altar. And Marshall said it best in the reunion, he and Jackie have both moved on so the public should stop trying to bring their relationship up. I wish the best for Marshall and hope he can really find love because I believe he really knows how to treat a woman right. 

Micah and paul

micah and paul on love is cling

Micah and Paul were another couple that seemed really strong throughout their entire engagement. But a lot is not shown on camera. Paul did not say “yes” at the altar and unfortunately, the two did not end up together. There is a lot to unpack in their relationship and it is hard to tell if they have both truly moved on. They both discuss what happened at the reunion but it still does not seem like there is much closure. 

…Josh and Jackie??

Josh and Jackie’s connection was not showcased much in the pods. Josh did end up having feelings for her and went to specifically meet her at Chelsea’s birthday party. I think it was a surprise for everyone to learn the two are still dating after a year. It is good that the two were still able to fulfill what they went into the experiment for and find love.

And of course, we cannot forget about Irina. The person that everyone, including the cast, had mixed feelings about. I will say it was brave of her to go to the reunion to take accountability for her actions towards her castmates and Zack in Mexico. I can only hope she is able to grow and also find love herself. 

All in all, I think this was the best outcome in terms of couples compared to any other season. You all already know that I will be jumping right on Netflix as soon as the next season comes out. Until then, as Vanessa said, let’s keep our fingers crossed for the first Love is Blind baby!

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