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I have spent the last two years being the proud owner of an iPhone 4s, and compared to the Blackberry that I had prior to that, it was so different that I couldn’t help but love it.

But, when the time came for my recent upgrade, I didn’t feel the loyalty to Apple that I thought I would. Maybe it was because my phone wouldn’t even open my apps anymore, or because I had been living off of a charger for almost an entire year. Nonetheless, I was willing to look elsewhere. Nervous that I would end up hating my new phone, I did extensive research on what the best phones are besides the iPhone 6 (the one I felt I was defaulted to obtain).

I ended up purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S5. It is a large and sleek phone made mostly of plastic, so I no longer worry about shattering my screen if I drop my phone. Since my new electronic device was so different from my previous one, I asked one of my friends, a long time Galaxy user, to be my own personal tech-guy. I asked him endless questions for days-on-end rather than just reading the phone guide. I felt like I was twelve again, and had just received a phone for the first time (that’s just how different the two operating systems are). But as I have slowly uncovered everything that the phone has to offer, including hand swiping sensors (so cool, I know), I have grown to love it more than I thought I would. It has an outstanding camera, finger print scanning, a heart rate sensor paired with a great health monitoring app, a notification system that reminds me all too well of my old Blackberry and, yes, the phone has emoji’s.


I know most people who switch over to Apple live and die by their products. However, if you are willing to look elsewhere and are willing to start out a little lost, then I really recommend making the switch.


PS: For those of you who are seriously considering making the switch, make sure you turn off your iMessage beforehand. It will save you a lot of time and effort. Trust me. 

XO Collegiettes,


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