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Introducing Olivia Neill: Why You Should Be Watching the UK’s Most Relatable YouTube “It Girl”

Good evening! If you’ve ever watched one of Olivia Neill’s YouTube videos, chances are that “Good evening!” is the first thing you’ve heard her say. If you haven’t watched one of her videos, rest assured. I’m sure you’ll want to after reading this article. Olivia, 20, started posting regularly two years ago and has since amassed 771 thousand subscribers who love to watch her vlogs. As you can probably tell, I’m one of those 771 thousand subscribers, and I’m going to tell you why you should be one, too.

So, who is Olivia Neill, and what makes her worthy of your precious time? Olivia is a 20-year-old YouTuber from Belfast, Northern Ireland, currently living in London, England. She makes mostly vlog-style videos, often featuring her close friends Lewys and Flossie, as well as videos of just her. Her videos span a wide array of topics, from clothing hauls, get-ready-with-me videos, and vacations to cooking, driving around, and moving. Most recently, Olivia attended a fashion show at Paris Fashion Week with the brand Miu Miu. She has a video for every occasion, and watching any of them is sure to boost your mood.

My favorite part about Olivia’s content isn’t the variety in her video topics, or even her hilarious adventures with friends or her lightning-speed Northern Irish accent. What I like best about her content is its relatability. I’ve been watching Olivia’s videos since she lived with her family in Belfast, and as she’s gotten a bigger audience and more opportunities, her videos have maintained the same “chatting with a friend” feel that got me hooked in the first place. She isn’t afraid to talk about her struggles related to negative comments, her personal life, and, at the risk of giving TMI, her tummy troubles. (We’ve all been there.) Olivia has mastered the art of letting her personality shine through the screen, which I think is getting harder and harder to do in today’s world of editing and shaping ourselves to fit in with the crowd.

As the consumption of online media becomes more and more prevalent in our daily lives, the importance of influencers we can relate to is essential. While I can’t relate to every aspect of Olivia’s life (I definitely didn’t attend Paris Fashion Week this year), I can relate in the ways that matter. I love my friends and family, I’ve dealt with insecurities, and I’ve been excited but terrified to try new things, just like her. I’ve found that making sure you can relate in some way to the content you consume online is so helpful in not letting videos of other people’s lives overtake your own. Influencers are just people, just like their audiences, and Olivia’s content reflects this beautifully.

So, there you have it — a brief introduction to Olivia Neill and why you’ll love her content. Hopefully you’re already planning to close this tab when you’re done reading and head over to Olivia’s channel! With 94 videos and counting, you’ll be all set for your next YouTube binge night. Grab a snack, get comfy, and enjoy!


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