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As a dual citizen of the US and UK, I have spent many summers visiting family and exploring London. If you’re going to London for the first time, it can be overwhelming. Maybe you’re drawn to the classic tourist destinations or maybe you’re looking for something a little off the beaten path. Whatever it is, the city is filled with endless opportunities. So, here is the rundown of some of my all-time favorite spots to visit in London. 

Camden Market

By far one of my favorite places to visit is Camden Market. Camden Market is a mix of tattoo parlors, vintage jewelry, cameras, and posters plus endless food options. The market is full of twists and turns of endless stores. I picked up a custom-made belt, a few necklaces, and got henna done! However, my favorite part of Camden is the food. Want dessert? Try the Dutch pancakes topped with fudge and strawberries. How about Italian? Sample the fettuccini straight out of a cheese wheel. 




Shoreditch BoxPark 

A new pop up in the London scene is the BoxPark in Shoreditch. BoxPark is essentially a shopping mall in shipping containers featuring independent stores. I dragged my dad through the London Underground and a 15-minute walk for this adventure. My main goal? The Soft Serve Society, a desert bar which is famous for its unique flavors and toppings. I got the charcoal coconut flavor topped with a roasted marshmallow and Oreo crumbs while my dad stuck to the classic vanilla with a Flake which is an English chocolate bar. It was so worth the traveling time!


The Classic but Essential Tourist: London Eye, Big Ben, Photo-Ops… and Fish and Chips

Of course, you cannot visit London without hitting the quintessential English staples. For me, my all-time favorites are the views from the London eye, the classic telephone booth photo-op, and Big Ben. Yet my number one must have is a fresh serving of fish and chips. Fish and chips can only ever be done right in the UK. If you find yourself wondering what to have for dinner, try any chippie shop and you will not be disappointed. 


A Little Outside the City: Canterbury and the White Cliffs of Dover

During my most recent trip to the UK, we wanted to take a quick trip out of the city. After just under a two hour car ride from the city, we were greeted by the amazing views of the White Cliffs of Dover. This region is the English coastline facing France. The short hike up to the cliff was well worth the stunning contrast of the white cliffs against the clearest ocean you will find in the UK. After soaking in the view, my family and I headed to Canterbury, a quaint English village, for afternoon tea. 


If you ever find yourself in London, take advantage of all the potential the city has to offer. Switch it up. Treat yourself to a shopping spree or refresh with afternoon tea. Whatever it is that you do, enjoy it and soak it in.   


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Karishma Mistry

U Mass Amherst '23

Karishma is the Editor-in-Chief and a senior honors student at UMass Amherst, majoring in public health and economics. Some of her passions include advocating for female health, reading, and anything involving food. As a dual citizen of the US and UK, she loves to travel. Feel free to follow her on Instagram @karishmamiistry or her foodstagram @munchinwk.
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