If Our Favorite Websites Were Real Girls

We’re all guilty of occasionally spending too much time on our favorite websites. We’ll check in daily and sometimes even hourly. As attached as we get though, we should remember that these websites aren’t real like our friends and family. But what if they were real girls?


Facebook is that girl that knows everybody’s business. She knows everyone’s favorite movies, music, and television shows as well as their religious and political views. She somehow figures out everyone’s relationship statuses and will be the first to tell everyone who got together and who broke it off. Additionally, she knows exactly who attended every party and event and even has the photos to prove it. And if you don’t look good in a photo she took that’s too bad because she’ll still show everyone.


Pinterest is that girl that somehow knows a little bit of everything. She’s chic, stylish, and her makeup is flawless. If you want to know the best workouts for abs, the healthiest pasta dishes, or the cheapest ways to redecorate your room, she has you covered. She’s a DIY genius with tips and tricks from building her own jewelry storage to hand made soaps and lotions. She’s a creative individual who gives the best handmade gifts. Her one downfall is that she’s obsessed with planning her country-chic fall wedding and cannot wait to tell you all about it.


YouTube is that girl who is obsessed with music. She’s a talented singer songwriter who has perfected the cutest makeup looks. She’ll cover your favorite songs, write her own, and create the best remixes. She’s always entertaining and can show you the funniest videos of her friends and family dancing or her brother and his pals doing ridiculously dangerous stunts. You can lose track of time talking with her. Beware though, the only thing she loves more than music is taking videos of her cats.


Twitter is that girl who tells you all of the details of her life regardless of whether or not you care. While you may care about her funny everyday stories you’re definitely not interested in her complaints about schoolwork, what she ate that day, and all of the photos she posts. And when she breaks it off with her on-and-off boyfriend she’s suddenly emotional, referencing every depressing song and blowing up your phone with messages. But if she’s mad at you her comments are cool and cryptic which makes you wonder what’s going on.


Instagram is that girl who never puts down her camera. She’s obsessed with taking pictures and making memories. She has you covered when you want pictures of your homecoming dance, the most beautiful beach sunset, or the best travel photos. She also loves to edit her photos in order to make sure they’re as flattering as possible. But she also has an annoying habit of taking photos of everything before she eats it. You wish you could just get Starbucks with her for once without her photographing her cup.

Her Campus:

Her Campus is that girl who has been your best friend for years. She shares your favorite interests, shows you new music, helps you shop, and gives you advice with boys, careers, and life in general. She’s fun and stylish and she’s always there for you whether you’re just hanging out on the weekend or procrastinating in the library. She also encourages you to explore your campus and its surrounding areas because she knows the best restaurants, museums, and other places of interest. With her by your side you’ve got everything you need.

Do you agree, Collegiettes?