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If Amy Schumer Was A UMass Amherst Student

Amy Schumer rose to fame in 2015. Most of us have either seen the movie Trainwreck or her show Inside Amy Schumer. You either love her or hate her. Those of us who love her can (probably unanimously) agree that having Amy Schumer in Amherst with us would be amazing.

Amy would be down to leave the recreation center any time you were ready.

She would always be down to just chill and talk in your dorm room, house or apartment.

She could hang.

Let’s be real, though; chilling with Amy would mean joking around the entire time.

She would have you laughing with tears in your eyes.

And taking tons of pics.

Hey, UMass Snapchat story!

And maybe gettin’ a little tipsy.

If she was actually a UMass Amherst student, she may or may not be the sole reason that we cannot shake our reputation as “ZooMass.”

Not only would she be super fun to chill with, but Amy would belt it out at karaoke night at Stacker’s if you guys felt like going.

Whether or not she has a good singing voice, she would crack up all of her friends and classmates.

And not judge you for ordering three Long Islands in a row even though you know two is your limit.

Amy would never judge. She would just make fun of you lovingly.

She would make sure that you took the bus home safely.

On a more serious note, Amy Schumer is for sure my favorite comedian. Any time I need a laugh, I watch her television show or clips of it on YouTube. Enjoy, Collegiettes!


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