I Tried Dunkin's Spring 2021 Featured Items So You Don't Have To

Spring is here, and that means so is a new seasonal menu from Dunkin’. All winter long I was obsessed with their Toasted Coconut Swirl, which, unfortunately, has just been taken off the menu. As a result of my withdrawals, I have turned to trying every new item on their menu.

  1. 1. Chocolate Stout Cold Brew with Sweet Cold Foam

    This cold brew was nothing special, probably because all of the chocolate flavoring went right to the bottom and stayed there. That being said, I am a big fan of the sweet cold foam… probably because it tastes just like whipped cream. Dunkin’ topped this beverage with some hot chocolate powder for some extra chocolatey goodness. Overall, 6/10, not awful, not great.

  2. 2. The Charli Cold Foam

    It’s the remix!! If you like the Charli, I would definitely recommend this drink. Make sure to mix it well, so that you’re really getting the caramel flavor. The sweet cold foam is topped with cinnamon sugar, it's a yes from me. 8/10.

  3. 3. Avocado Toast

    Dunkin' avocado toast

    Many people, including myself, are skeptical of Dunkin’ selling avocado toast, and with reason. We doubt that the avocado is fresh, and if it isn’t, how is it preserved? Although I don’t have all the factual information, I will admit that it did pleasantly surprise me. Clearly, I couldn't wait to take a photo until after trying it. The avocado somehow tasted fresh, there was some strong citrus flavor, and it looked very visually appealing. I would have appreciated more of a crunch, as it seemed the bread either wasn’t toasted at all or wasn’t toasted for long enough. 7/10.

  4. 4. Caramel Iced Macchiato

    If you are going to try anything from their spring 2021 menu, let it be this. I was new to macchiatos, as I typically just order a regular iced coffee, but this was AMAZING. It comes with whole milk (or whatever dairy you request) on the bottom, along with the caramel. The coffee sits on top, so be sure to mix them before drinking. It was so smooth and tasted very similar to melted coffee ice cream. 10/10.

  5. 5. Blueberry Iced Matcha Latte

    Okay, not gonna lie, I wanted to hate this one. Blueberry flavoring just isn’t natural and it creeps me out. That being said, the blueberry wasn’t overwhelming at all and actually went nicely with the matcha. 5/10 for this cute spring drink.

  6. 6. Matcha Topped Donut

    Dunkin' iced matcha and matcha donut

    This just tasted like a glazed donut. There was matcha powder on top, which didn’t make it dry but also didn’t really have any flavor. 10/10 for being a donut, 1/10 for being matcha flavored.

  7. 7. Irish Creme Iced Coffee

    This flavor swirl was not bad, but also nothing special. I don’t think caramel swirl fans would be disappointed in purchasing this featured item. Worth a try, but not extraordinary. 8/10.

  8. 8. Grilled Cheese Melt

    NO. When I tell you I had high expectations for this grilled cheese, I mean it. I looked forward to this one the most of all, just for it to be an epic fail. It was very wet for some reason, maybe the butter? The bread was soft and not toasted, literally just so soggy. I got an overwhelming sourdough flavor, and it tasted like there was barely any cheese. Someone explain! 3/10.

  9. 9. Three Cheese Croissant Stuffer

    This definitely didn’t taste fresh but was pretty good nevertheless. There’s some cheese inside, and some cheese on top as well. I wish the cheese on the inside was more melted, but I suppose that was the intention of the grilled cheese. 7/10 - decent snack, but makes a mess!

As someone who runs on Dunkin’, I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing nearly the entire spring menu. Some highs and lows for sure, but overall it earns an average of 6.5/10.