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I Am in a Love/Hate Relationship With Fall Fashion

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I have always yearned for that special time of year when the air gets cooler, the days get shorter, and pumpkin spice is back in stock: the return of fall. What is there not to love about autumn? Crunching leaves and pumpkin patches. Hayrides and Halloween.

But there is one fall factor that sends a chill down my spine (and not the delightful autumn breeze kind): fall fashion.

It may sound silly, but I have recently come to realize I have a deep love/hate relationship with fall fashion. Allow me to elaborate.

Love: Everything Flannel

Frankly, if it were up to me, flannels would be acceptable all year round. 

I think that flannels are the unsung heroes of fall fashion. Need an extra layer for some added warmth? Grab a flannel.

Need something to brighten up your outfit? I have good news for you. Flannels come in an array of all fall colors — yellows, reds, forest greens, oranges, browns — you get the point.

One trend that I am especially looking forward to trying out this fall are flannel-print pants. Up until very recently, I very naively assumed that flannel pants were strictly reserved for pajamas. But as the weather gets cooler, I have noticed more and more flannel pants on campus — and I’m loving it.

Hate: Scarves

Let this segment serve as my formal break-up letter to scarves.

Dear scarf,

You did a lot for me in the 2010s. Heck, you got me through every single fall during middle school. But how do I put this gently? 

I think scarves are prisons for the neck. Especially infinity scarves, which constantly feel like I am trapped in an escape room I didn’t sign-up for. 

In my eyes, there are no positives to scarves. They make me feel claustrophobic, and somehow, I get far too hot while still being far too cold.

The one thing that scarves have in their corner: they are an easy fall accessory. But dare I say that layered necklaces could do the same job — if not better — at accentuating your outfit?

Love: The Jean Jacket

Oh, where to begin. 

The jean jacket is, in my opinion, is one of human’s greatest innovations. Again, it can serve as an extra layer for some added warmth. (See flannel above.)

But a jean jacket is much more than a simple layer.

Something is too dressy? Throw on a jean jacket to dress it down.

Sweatshirt and leggings not dressy enough? Throw on a jean jacket for an extra style boost.

I am convinced that any issue in your life can be resolved — or at least made better — by owning a sturdy, durable jean jacket for the fall.

girl with jean jacket and collge hat peace sign
Taylor Thoman / Her Campus
Hate: Boots

I think this might be my most controversial take.

Remember when you were a kid and you would eat the same thing repeatedly until eventually you were so sick of it?

That is my relationship with fall boots. 

Like my views on the scarf, boots have served their purpose in my life, and I think it is time I finally put those combat boots in the back of my closet out of their misery.

Maybe I haven’t found the right pair yet, but clunky, bulky boots are not my cup of tea and I have decided to leave them behind this fall.

Undecided: Hats

The jury is still out on my feelings toward fall hats. Hats are arguably a quintessential fall fashion staple. 

I love hats for their simple and basic function. A cozy fall beanie keeps my ears warm and makes stepping out into the autumn breeze nice and comfy. 

On the other hand, hats are my hair’s worst nightmare. Hat-head is a real thing for me, and it seems that every time I throw on a festive fall beanie, my hair somehow loses all volume while simultaneously managing to become a giant frizz ball.

I guess sometimes function must take priority over fashion *eye roll*.

Kayla Bacon-Girls With Beanies
Kayla Bacon / Her Campus

Overall, my opinion is just one opinion, and I am not by any means a fashionista. Most importantly, wear something this fall that makes you happiest and most comfortable.

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