How We All Felt About Snow in October

Back in late October, you made your way to class and you tried to stay focused, but kept daydreaming about how psyched you were for Halloweekend, and how cute you and your friends would look in your matching Disney-related costumes. You knew that you just couldn't pay attention to the lecture, so you stared out the window when suddenly you noticed little white things falling from the sky. 

You thought you were seeing things. It had to be pine needles or something, you thought. You tried to turn your focus back to the lecture, but a few of your classmates exclaimed and pointed to the window like:

Their reactions confirmed your worst fears. It was snowing. It was actually snowing. In October.

You calmed down and realized you shouldn’t panic yet. You still had 45 minutes of class, which to you meant 45 minutes of sheltered snowfall watching. As the snow continued to fall, you were mesmerized by its beauty.

Then time flew and you found yourself outside trying to brace the snowfall that you didn’t dress properly for.

You were slipping and sliding down the sidewalks as you braved your way to your next class and all you could think was:

Your patience wore thin as you dealt with the wind blowing snow into your face. This then channeled your inner Lucy van Pelt.

Your mood then caused you to wonder why you didn’t bother trying to catch a bus to class. Your only explanation was that:

As a result, you walked in late to your lecture covered in snow and thought:

And you then spent most of class brooding over your wet clothes.

You were then faced with the prospect of getting back to your dorm in that weather. At that point, all you could think was:

Then the bus you took back got stuck in the snow. 

You got back to your dorm and instantly ordered snow boots online.

And you spent hours trying to locate suitable clothes for a UMass Winter.

You saw your friends’ posts on Facebook about how beautiful the snow was.

You spent the night mentally preparing yourself to face the next day's undeniable snowstorm.

And you woke up the next day to find that all the snow had melted.

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