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How Washing My Hair Once a Week Changed My Hair (And Life) For the Better

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I wash my hair once a week. Every Thursday night, to be exact. Before you think “that’s gross” and click out of this article, give me a chance to tell you all of the ways it has changed not only my hair, but my life for the better. Also, let me be clear, I only wash my hair once a week but I still shower every day. Anyway, let’s get into it.

  • It doesn’t get greasy as fast anymore

Weirdly enough, I’ve found that I always get compliments on my hair when I’m on day six without washing it. I have found that shampooing every day actually strips my hair of it’s natural oils, so a lot of times it tries to overcompensate for the lack of hydration and thus ends up more oily. Consequently, I’ve learned that shampooing once a week allows my natural oils to do their thing and consequently trains my hair to become stay less greasy for longer.

  • I can splurge a bit more on hair care products

Washing your hair less means going through products less quickly. Instead of having to buy new shampoo, conditioner, and curl cream every month or so, I’m able to opt for products that my hair will love, even if they are a little pricier. I started using shampoo and conditioner bars from Package Free Shop, and not only is my hair thanking me for using gentle, natural products, but the earth is thanking me too for eliminating some of my plastic usage! Seriously, this shampoo bar lathers my hair like no other shampoo has before. 20/10 would recommend. 

  • It serves as a peaceful self-care ritual

I’m not kidding you-hair washing day feels like Christmas to me. After a busy week, there is nothing that feels better than a steaming hot shower. Not only is it a physical cleanse, but it also serves as a sort of energetic cleanse. I’m able to wash the week, filled with all of its highs and lows, off my body and go into the weekend feeling refreshed. I like to imagine all of the negative energy and anything no longer serving me going down the drain.

  • It allows me to incorporate more mindfulness into my life

Showers engage all of your senses. The hot water against your body, the soap gliding across your skin, rubbing your hands through sudsy hair, the clean scent of your products and the clicking sounds as you open and close them. Tapping into all of my senses allows me to be fully present in the moment. My showers are now a place for grounding, mindfulness, and gratitude.

I will admit, it took a good chunk of time for my hair to adjust to this change-but there’s nothing a hat or throwing your hair into a messy bun can’t fix. You can also start small, maybe two days without washing and then bumping it up a day each time. Trust the process, you’ll thank me later.

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Meghan Buschini

U Mass Amherst '22

Meghan is a Senior at UMass Amherst majoring in Communications with a minor in Sociology. She is a spin instructor and is passionate about mindfulness, meditation, body acceptance and self love. She shares these passions both through her articles and her instagram account @mindfulmeg_
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