How to Survive the Passover Diet

It’s that time of year again. Jews all over the world celebrate their ancestors’ exodus from slavery in Egypt. The Jews were able to escape because God inflicted ten plagues on the Egyptians until Pharaoh would let them go. When Pharaoh finally agreed, the Israelites had to leave so quickly that they didn’t have time to let their bread rise, thus traveling with unleavened bread to eat. Today we eat matzo to symbolize what it is like to be in slavery.

Passover is an important holiday in remembering ancestors and history, but keeping kosher for Passover is also sometimes difficult when there is a long list of things you can’t eat, such as anything leavened, corn, peanuts, and the works. Some Jews are strict in that they won’t eat anything that isn’t labeled kosher for Passover, but for those of you who eat what is theoretically allowed, we are here to help!

You could sign up for Passover meals through the meal plan office located in Franklin Dining Commons until April 4th, but if you did not, there are many options for meals during the week, aside from seders.

Seders are available at Worcester Dining Commons through Hillel for a small fee, UMass Chabad, Chabad at the Four Colleges, or at Rabbi Eisen’s home through Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus (JLIC).

Because our dining halls have so many options, you can basically be semi-gluten free for the eight-day long holiday, except not eat rice. Check to see if the fish and chicken options are breaded, but if not, those are viable options, as well as grilled chicken that is always offered.

Load up your plate at the salad bar, but make sure your protein doesn’t come from beans, as they are legumes which are not allowed because they could be ground up and cooked as flour.

Yogurt is healthy and a great source of protein as well as all of the cooked vegetables on the main line and vegetarian section.

Matzah is at the dining hall for the whole holiday. Try it with cream cheese and jelly, my personal favorite, if I must eat matzah. I’d rather try these other options than eat a tasteless cracker.

Remember, it’s only eight days of celebrating and you're not alone!

Happy Passover, Collegiettes!