How to Spruce up Every Day Clothes to Create Halloween Costumes

Now that you're in college, Halloween may not be like you've always remembered. Besides the lack of a neighborhood to trick or treat in, now you have hours upon hours of homework and various club meetings to take up all of your time—what's a girl to do about her costume? Never fear, the answer is hanging in your closet. Adding choice accessories and particular makeup to any average pieces of clothing can easily and quickly help you avoid any conundrums once the 31st rolls around. 

1. Risky Business

Can't go wrong with a classic. All you need is a pair of black spandex, a plain white or light pink Oxford shirt, and some socks. Ray Bans (real or fake) are also a must. 

2. Vampire OR witch

(Slightly) scary is sexy. Grab a simple black dress and accessorize! A black choker, bite mark, and red lipstick will suffice for a vampire; black heels, dark lipstick and a spell mark will turn you into a witch! 

3. Lax bro

With a sports bra, long athletic socks and a typical lacrosse jersey, you're well on your way to what may be the most comfortable Halloween costume ever. Shorts are optional—spandex will work just fine.

4. Doll

This costume comes with space for variety. Depending on what you have in your closet, wear either a dress or  blouse and skirt combo, adding knee or thigh highs with ballet flats. There are also plenty of makeup tutorials for a "doll face" online, so you can achieve your own unique look. 

5. Cowgirl

A plaid shirt, jeans (or overalls, if you own them), boots and two braids will transform you into a Midwestern beauty. Feel free to accessorize with a bandana around the neck or as a headband. 

6. Greek goddess

You don't even need to open your closet for this one! Yank your bedsheet from atop your mattress, twirl, tuck and fold until you're certain it won't come undone. Add a low headband and a smattering of gold bracelets.

7. Pirate

An over-sized white (or off-white) shirt, combined with black leggings or ripped jeans, topped with a large belt, head ornaments, and worn boots can make even the sweetest of us become the most feared buccaneer on the seas (or campus). 

8. Rosie the Riveter

Grab a denim shirt or jacket, a bright red badana and matching lipstick, bear your arm proudly, and you've turned yourself into arguably the most recognized feminist icon. 

Happy Haunting, Collegiettes!

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