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How My Quarantine Hobby Turned to Small Business

Creations By KT, a small business based out of Amherst, MA, began as a quarantine hobby for Seekonk, MA resident Katie Roslonek. Originally known as “Clay Creations by KT,” she began making clay earrings back in August of 2020. She’s since expanded to making rings, jewelry dishes, and wall-hangings. Roslonek’s style can be described as “boho earth-centric.” Her down-to-earth approach to jewelry-making appeals to plant parents, crystal lovers, and those among the like. 

In an attempt to stay busy at the start of quarantine, when Roslonek wasn’t able to see her family, she decided to go back to her jewelry making and crafting roots, which she did with her Grandma a lot when she was young. She notes that “it gave me a creative escape and helped me to remain positive during a time of so much uncertainty.” 

As her business gained attention amongst friends and family, her following grew immensely. This prompted her to open up an Etsy shop at the start of 2021, where she’s made over 300 sales. Having sold to 33 states and locations around the world as far as Ireland and Italy, Roslonek hopes to expand her reach as she continues to create. 

[bf_image id="fs2s4wm63x98x9r4brp85c8"] Having started her business amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s certainly not ideal, but Roslonek has made it work by advertising on Instagram and TikTok. Although the pandemic has given her more time to stay home and work on creating, it has also kept her from attending local art fairs and advertising elsewhere, especially across campus. 

Roslonek hopes to reach a larger demographic, especially when we’re able to return to campus. “Having reached so many people on a relatively small scale makes me inspired to one day be able to spread it to more people, especially those in the Amherst community” she explains.

Although unsure of what the future will bring for small business owners, Roslonek notes that “my main goal is to never let it be something that I don’t enjoy, I’d never want it to become something that causes me more stress than enjoyment.” A sophomore at UMass Amherst studying Psychology, Roslonek is managing both schoolwork, her small business, as well as a part-time job on the side. Roslonek said, "it’s a good break from working because it doesn’t feel like I’m running a small business, it’s fun for me." [bf_image id="ttnb9rkksjq7kpx4hx8q7qq"]

At the moment, Roslonek plans to start working on different variations of crystal necklaces and braided rings and plans to add more color to her pieces. In preparation for her next drop, be sure to follow her Instagram @creationsbyKT and her Etsy!

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