How to Make Dunkin's "The Charli" At Home

Back in September, Dunkin Donuts collaborated with TikTok’s Charli D’Amelio and released her go-to order called, The Charli–and I’m OBSESSED. Seriously, my friends are tired of hearing about it, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to rave about it here. 

If you somehow have yet to fall down the rabbit hole that is TikTok, you might not know who Charli D’Amelio is. Charli is a 16 year old dancer who in less than a year managed to become TikTok’s most popular creator, currently at 99.6 million followers. Perhaps last year you’ve seen everyone do “The Renegade,” a dance made popular by Charli which shot her to fame. A year later, Charli uses her social media platforms to spread positivity and create entertaining content for her Gen Z audience. One thing anyone who follows her knows is that she loves Dunkin Donuts coffee. She loves it so much that they decided to name her order after her. The Charli is quite simple; it is a cold brew coffee, with whole milk and a caramel swirl.

Original Photo by Gina Escandon

With Coronavirus cases on the rise and winter rolling around it might be time to go back to our Spring 2020 ways, and learn how to make some coffee at home. In order to make The Charli, all you need is cold brew, caramel syrup, and whole milk. If you don’t drink milk, feel free to swap out the whole milk for a non-dairy option of your choosing. If you’re feeling fancy and would like to brew your own cold brew, just follow these instructions. While the name sounds a bit intimidating, cold brew is easy to make, all you need are coffee beans (pre-ground if you cannot grind your coffee beans at home) and water. Grind your beans and combine with water, and let it steep for about 12 hours, or overnight. Once the coffee has infused into the water, grab a strainer and you’re done! Once you have your delicious cold brew, pour it over ice and combine with your choice of milk and about 0.75 ounces of the caramel syrup, stir and enjoy!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve dropped wayy too much money on this drink, so why not save some money and stay home by making it myself. And if you’ve never tried it, close whatever device you’re reading this on and thank me later.