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How to Enjoy Your Own Company When You’re Alone

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

If you’re a people-person like me, you may feel that company is very much preferred over being alone. However, whether you thrive off the energy of others, or you loathe the slightest presence of another human being, you can’t always rely on other people to make you happy. 

There’s so much to discover about yourself, so much to learn about life, and so much to explore in this vast world. Open your eyes and see all the wonderful possibilities and opportunities available to you. Take care of yourself and learn what makes you feel your best. Focus on yourself. Discover your passions, pursue your interests, and unveil your true self.

Get to Know Yourself

It’s important to discover who you are, what you’re passionate about, and what your interests are. You can pursue different hobbies, try new things, talk to yourself, journal, and explore new ideas. Get creative and experiment with different things. You can even take personality quizzes for some fun inspiration! Do you prefer adventure or cozy nights in? Do you prefer hot or iced coffee? These are all important questions!

Take Care of Yourself

Make sure you fuel your body and mind with what they need to be fully-functioning and thriving. Treat yourself often and live a well-balanced life – this includes cake and ice cream (you can’t have one without the other)! You can take yourself on a date by going out to dinner (and dessert), having a movie night by yourself, getting takeout, or whatever brings you joy, it’s a huge form of self-love. In addition, let yourself rest, forgive yourself for mistakes, and allow yourself to fail. We’re only human after all!

Learn How to Be Alone and Enjoy It

Learning how to be alone can be hard, but by doing things you enjoy, you can find contentment in your own company. Watch your favorite movie, read your favorite book, cook a delicious meal, or vlog videos for your future family. You can dress up your dog, write letters to your future self, detox from social media, have a spa day, or hike a mountain. The possibilities are literally endless! Being self-sufficient is a great skill to have.

Find Your Rhythm

What makes you thrive? What do you love to do? Finding what makes you happy and brings you fulfillment is a great way to get into your own routine and find your rhythm. Do you need structure or flexibility? Are you more proactive in the morning or the evening? Find what helps you achieve your best self and discover your calling.

Get Busy

It’s easy to get into a slump when you’re spending every day in bed. Get active by going outside, exercising, going for a walk, go biking, dance around your house, or anything that gets you up and moving. Busy your mind by reading, writing, starting a blog, taking online classes, starting a business, deep cleaning your house, freelancing, or any activity that helps you to be proactive. 

Our lives are full of people – family, friends, peers, professors, co-workers, employees at the store, neighbors, social media connections, and more. Sometimes it’s easy to depend on others to make us feel a certain way, find fulfillment, or have validation. The truth is, you don’t need anyone to do those things except you. Be content and find fulfillment in your own company and life will be so much more satisfying.

Alexandria Faneuf

U Mass Amherst '21

Ali is studying Communication and Journalism major at UMass Amherst. She loves traveling, watching movies, health, fitness, acting, and writing. Ali hopes to inspire, entertain, and motivate others through her writing and content creation. Get to know her better by following her on Instagram @alimorgan413.
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