How to Date Yourself

First thing’s first--we’re all like Ann Perkins. The episode of Parks and Recreation when Ann realizes she needs to date herself, because she always turns into a carbon copy of the guy she’s dating? Yeah, let’s face it Collegiettes, we’ve all been there. Honestly, it’s way too easy to just shove your own interests aside and hop along the "boo-thang thought train."

When you care about somebody that much, you just want to make them happy. Sometimes, you can lose yourself along the way. But what if we literally dated ourselves, taking our thoughts and interests seriously? Follow these steps, and you'll get back to yourself in no time.

1. Get a journal 

It might sound lame, but you learn a lot about yourself from journaling. You’ll be writing about whatever pizza toppings you got that day, and then all of a sudden, you’re discovering this deep dark secret hatred for pepperoni. You can really get inside your own head when you journal, so give it a shot!

2. Make a bucket list

Nothing like thinking about all the things you haven’t done or want to do to put things in perspective. Maybe it’s skydiving, or something a little less terrifying, like going horseback riding. It’s good to know what you want to do for you, and nobody else. The best part is, you can start checking them off now! Road trip, anyone?

3. Change up your hair

Ann Perkins went for purple--maybe that’s not your jam. It could be as simple as an avocado mask, or treating yourself to that amazing smelling shampoo. The whole point is to make yourself feel as awesome as you clearly are.

4. Live like nobody’s watching!

You’ve written some stuff down, you’ve got killer hair, but now it’s on you for figuring out your best path through dating yourself. You know you better than anyone else, so don’t let other people’s interests muddle your own.

If you want to skip yoga class to go eat a cheeseburger, do it. If you want to sign up for a marathon, do it. If you want to get a giant face tattoo...think that one over long and hard. But still, it’s all on you, girl. 

So live it up without any apologies, because nobody can tell you who you are. Go on, you beautiful human--live!


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