In Honor of Oscars Season: The Many Funny Faces of Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence, aka "The Girl on Fire” from The Hunger Games trilogy movies and, yes, the blue creature from X-Men: First Class, is anything but a normal 23-year-old. She has such a unique personality, isn't afraid to speak her mind and be real, and her humor makes just about everyone love her. In honor of the 86th Academy Awards coming up soon and JLaw being up for an Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, here are just a few funny faces of our girl. These lovely faces just might convince you that Jennifer really is one of us after all! Here’s to Jen, we wish you luck on tonight! Never change, Jen, never.

Talented Jen: She deserves another Oscar just for that.

Sneaky Jen: Definitely our favorite pairing—Jen and food.

Thug Jen: Better watch out—never know when she might go all Hunger Games on you.

Indescive Jen: Every girl knows how to play hard to get.

Hashtag Forever Hungry Jen: same Jen, same.

Nervous (and slightly sweaty!) Jen:

Dangerous Jen (who gave her a knife?):

Angry Jen just doing the dishes:

Chef Jen at your service:

Disappointed Jen:

Is that Jen or the Photobombing Queen?: